Just looking for some feedback on my store, Thanks



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Hello, I reviewed your site looking good, liked it. I think you can change the design a little bit maybe colors or the home page photo. I think it doesn't look at high quality. I saw your blog as well, I recommend to increase the number of them. You can increase your traffic by using lots of keywords on contents. Search some keywords and add them to your content to raise traffic. But the most important I suggest using apps for increasing brand trust. It will help you drive traffic and boost sales. I use Nextsale app. It is the best. You can try it for free, when you add, it will use Social Proof and Urgency tools. When visitors come to your site they will see real comments of previous buyers and so the trust creates on the brand. This means a high rate of conversion from sales and low Bounce rates.

Try it and say if it works. ( click to below you will see it )  Good luck with your store!