Just moved my t-shirt store to Shopify

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Hi everyone!

I've just moved my streetwear store over from Big Cartel to Shopify and absolutly love it. I'm blown away by all the add-ons and statistics it provides.

I have so much more to learn and eager to make my store the best it can be. 

Here's my website and would welcome any feedback, app suggestions etc

Many thanks,



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Shopify Staff (Retired)
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Hi Russell!

Really impressed with the feel of your site. It is very clean, organised yet modern. The grid layout throughout your homepage suits your products really well, and this theme is one I often recommend to merchants considering setting up an online clothing store.

You really do have a most of the fundamentals nailed down, namely having comprehensive, yet clear policy pages and a "Contact Us" page, which helps big time in the areas of chargeback prevention and customer retention.

Honestly, in terms of constructive feedback I can't identify an area in which I see something lacking on your store, so well done on that front! All I can do now is wish you the very best of luck with it going forward, and perhaps you can make good use of our KIT app, which operates as a virtual assistant who upon review of your store will offer you daily suggestions on how to better target your audience through utilising social media, email marketing campaigns and pointed paid advertising on Facebook and Instagram.

Hope this helps!

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Love your work! Can you tell me what theme this website uses?