Just started my store one week ago. Good traffic but no sales?

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I just started my store one week ago, I'm a 19 year old anime enthusiast/ entrepreneur. So I decided to start a store with something I could enjoy as well. Well, since I just started off my store, I basically looked around for some other successful online stores hosted by shopify as well. I took some of the features and some ideas from each successful store and applied it to my own. I also made a facebook page, and created a few ads. Some of my posts reached over 7k likes but I am still not getting any sales. I get around 70-100 visitors a day but made 0 sales. I tested buying an item myself, and it does work.  Any suggestions? https://feelkawaii.com/

I am all ears for any kind of criticism as well. I want to improve and get better. I started a few days ago, and I know I am no where near where I want to be yet. Thank you everyone. 

Also, what kind of facebook ads work the best for you? So far I've been using engagement ads and I've been getting a ton of awareness, and engagements, but just no sales. 

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Hi Chatcentral,

Good to see your website but your logo is poorly designed. You should impress customers in first sight.

About us page - consider adding more content about your brand with 500+ words long and make sure your content is optimized for the search engines. The more content you have, the better it is for your SEO.

The Blogs are fantastic for adding relevant content to the store which will boost your google search result and also helps in connect with the readers, keep them on your site for longer.

Add Policy pages to the store which can build trust in customers. Do try this link https://www.shopify.com/blog/6362560-shopify-now-offers-ecommerce-policy-templates

Consider actively using Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Social media marketing is powerful and Google now takes the Facebook and Twitter activity into consideration when ranking websites. It can bring a lot of traffic, so make sure to post on regular basis. Have a look at these links



Add Product reviews app that also helps in increase in sales of reviewed products.

Hope this info helps you,

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Hi feelkawaii!

I would just say make your main logo bigger (keep it good quality though) and centre it - ilke a website. and maybe make your product images bigger.. it all helps. I'm impressed at your views and your post reach though! keep at it! best,


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Hello Chatcentral,  

After looking at your store I noticed that your home page doesn't include many product offerings/images. The thing that my agency and I have found from stores that convert more sales include strong and large images on their homepage. 

I would recommend including large images on your homepage. 

I also noticed that you offer many sales on a lot of your products but only showcase four on sale products on your homepage. 

I would increase the number of products that you show are on sale or present to customers an image which states a message similar to this as an example:

"Free Shipping + 20% off all T-shirts!" 

The last thing that I noticed is that your store is having a little bit of a difficult time communicating the strong community behind anime to your products. 

Maybe try including some text that only the Anime community would get and/or showcase some form of creativity such as a Youtube channel or Instagram profile. This will help build trust with your community.

Customers more often than not search through content before purchasing from an online store. This is something people do for any business whether its clothing, software, local services, or subscription boxes. 

I also went ahead and took a look at your Facebook profile. I noticed that you haven't posted much at all. This might another one of your issues. For the same reasons as above, it might be giving off an anti-trust vibe to potential customers. 

Are you involved in any Facebook Groups in the Anime communities? If so, why not advertise your store there? 

If you need any other help feel free to ask!


Jake Yeaton.

twitter: @jakeyeaton