Kindly view my shop and help with design/traffic/sales

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We sell womens clothing at

Can someone view our store and provide some feedback to help us build confidence.


So far we have landed only 5 sales (3 of which are family and friends) and want to invest more in social media and ads to improve traffic and sales.

I have read some very interesting articles from Shopify advising on how to bring in traffic but first wanted to see what other store owners can suggest through their experiences. To date we have only launched the store and added products. We will be trying the £75 free balance with Google Ads (offered by shopify) and would like to hear what else works within reasonable cost.

Thanking you in advance

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I think the site generally looks pretty good, it's well suited to the target audience. I think your logo looks a little dated though, and it looks like none of your social media links in the footer are configured correctly. Your Shoes and Bags sections are both empty which isn't great given how prominent/easily accessible they are. I found the wireless dongle product found in the Gift Ideas section totally strange/unrelated, the fact you offer that comes across that you are a little unfocussed. Your INFO and HELP pages are all done well, I think the Search link in the footer should be removed though; most users know they can find a search box at the top of most websites these days, it doesn't really relate to "Help", and lastly it comes across as clunky because loading the page actually initiates a search for an empty term, telling me I've returned no results - but I hadn't actually tried to search yet. A more introductory message would make more sense but it's more hassle than it's worth... I'd just consider removing the link from the footer! Hope this helps :)