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I would love some feedback on my site, I receive over 80 hits to the site a day but no conversions.  I run FB ads daily and I try to post on social media a few times a week.  Is my site difficult to navigate or is it poorly set up?  Any feedback or advice would be greatly appreciated!

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Hey Nancy,  

Dan here from the Guru team! Thanks for reaching out today through our forums. :)  First off, great looking site. It is very clean, images are consistent and easy to navigate. It's great that you are running Facebook ads, I feel that they are a great way to drive traffic to your site. I did take a look at your social media accounts and clearly, you have a lot of followers on Facebook, so great job. Have you thought about focusing on Instagram and Pinterest? You should take a look at this article on "13 Actionable Marketing Tactics to Drive Sales (And Apps to Execute Each of Them)" section 2. I would also take a look at this article on "Which Social Media Platforms Drive the Most Sales? [Infographic]" it has a breakdown of the average order value, which indicates that Pinterest and Instagram are both #2 & #3 on the list with Facebook at #4. There is another great article on "Social Commerce: Which Social Media Platforms Drive the Most Sales?" worth also reviewing.


I hope this helps; and thanks again for posting. :) 

Please don't hesitate to reach out through any of our support channels, we are averrable 24/7.


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Hi Nancy!:

Just reviewed your store and i think it is very nice, it is clear and clean. You are only running Facebook Ads? Or do you also run Google Adwords? If you are not running Google Adwords i think that you should do it, it will drive a lot of buyers searching your product throught Google. I think you can increase your conversion rates.

If you are not used to using Adwords or you just want a professional team to make the campaigns for you, check out our app: https://apps.shopify.com/cleverppc

We will make and run all your Adwords campaigns, create customized ads for your ads, give you support on Adwords... All this for free! So give it a try :)

Best Regards.

Rodrigo Munoz

Marketing Department of Clever Ecommerce.

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