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I have small eyes, and I always try to enhance the shape of my eyes with eyelash extensions. I also tend to go for the "cat-eye," so longer lashes are needed in this case. I also feel significantly more confident when wearing falsies, and I have fewer insecurities. I've tried many online brands before, and I must say I was disappointed with the quality of some products, but in the end, I found the right place to shop them. It was actually my sister who suggested trying out falsies from this website

You might want to check it out too! I hope this helps! 

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hello @LourianBeauty 

the link of your store is not working. also see my response below

Hey, my name is Oksana and I am in the process of starting my own cosmetics line. "
vinod - choose product lines carefully. 
My first step is lashes.
vinod - the price is too less of this product. 

I was wondering if someone would give me some feedback on my site.
vinod - the link of your store is not working.

What do you all think I should add to it and what visuals would you all think would be good to add to it. I would greatly appreciate it!
I know it needs some work I just need help with like the style of my website or even like what the layout should look like.

vinod - i can guide you about setting up your store. You can email me on or 


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