Launched a month ago, tried FB ads - didn't work. No sales so far, please help!

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Hey everyone!

I would really appreciate some guidance, as I have launched my site about a month ago and still have no sales.

I'll walk you through what I've done over the last 3 weeks

1-2 weeks : tried running targeted FB ads, targeted the right set of people, lost about 30 quid in ads? Maybe 40. Got lots of clicks, some add to carts, some people were even spending upwards of 5 mins on the sight, creating accounts etc. But no sales

2-3 weeks: made some improvements to my site, added lots more products, with great descriptions on them IMO.

Now: just launched an AdWords campaign, my thoughts are that it'd be better to try and reach people that are actively searching to buy my products, I've tried to learn a lot about how to make it work and we'll have to see how it goes I guess.

But I was just wondering if anything could be improved on my site, I really need to up my conversions and get some sales. By the way we were getting about 50-75 views a day when we were advertising with PPC.

We also have an insta account with 2k followers almost.

My idea is that if I push my ocnversions high enough, so that PPC ads will bring in a good amount of profit, instead of yielding no sales, then I'd be able to reinvest that profit into more PPC, yielding even more profits, then I could invest these funds into creating more organic sources of traffic. Plus my business really needs that cash flow to breathe...

Someone please help!

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Hey Sunil!

Your site is looking pretty good. I have a few suggestions

  • This might be a personal preference, but I don't like the hamburger menu. I think it makes the site harder to navigate. I think it would be better to have category links in that top bar. 
  • On your category pages, the the images are unevenly sized so your product listings are different sizes on your category pages. Especially in the gaming mouses category. 
  • The images on your product pages are huge! Shrink those down so that the title, price and description fits in the same area as the product image. Take a look at product pages on some stores you like and try to emulate those. 

What is happening when a user hits your site? You said some people are creating accounts, adding stuff to their cart, etc. Start analyzing and seeing what you can change to move a visitor on to the next step (home page -> product -> add to cart -> purchase). It's a funnel where you can optimize every step. Sometimes its simple UX stuff, sometimes it's content or pricing. Start with fixing some of these UX issues, analyze and repeat. I hope this helps and good luck! 

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Thank you very much for your reply! I'll straight out those collection pages and get to work on the product images, as for the hamburger menu, it's inbuilt into my theme, I'm going to need some sales before I can get a design team to completely change that I guess.

I've just installed my google analytics pixel yesterday, I'm assuming I needed that to check where people are spending time on my site to the level of detail you're talking about? But it's a genius way to figure out what is causing my visitors not to buy, I'll definitely use the data I gather over the next few days to sort that out.

That is assuming that Google analytics is the only way to do that, otherwise I'd start sooner.

Thank you very much for your response! :)