Less than 1% Conversion!

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My store is over 6 months old and I have tweeked it several times. Changed the theme. Tried or trying apps to assist in my store. My problem is, the store is not converting!!!!!   I am also having a hard time merketing. Please Gurus HELP!


I have even been running a May Giveaway to help gain exposure which other than building my email list has not increased sales.

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I´ve checked your website and I think there are some things to improve. You may take a look at my points.

First of all, I would maybe reconsider the whole color structure to some more decent and matching - text, background etc.

Another thing is the logo. Nowadays every shop and business should have one so that the customers can recognize you and remember you. 

At the homepage, I would also add a small description of your shop and what the customers can buy there. 

Also when it comes to the customer approach, I would add your physical address and email, where the customers can reach you. It makes your business more trustworthy.

These are just some points, but if you want professionals to take a look at it, you could join this Facebook group and leave a comment there. They will tell you some more things that could help.

The last thing from me, if you wish so, you could try one more app which is ROI Hunter Easy. It is a retargeting app, which brings the visitors of your website, who didn´t finish the purchase, back to your shop, with customized ads of product they were looking at.

Wish you good luck!


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Thanks for posting! Digital marketing is tough. Totally have empathy for your situation.

We’ve spent $100m on FB ads, so here are my thoughts on advertising: It’s all about three things.

First, quantity. Develop a schedule for creating assets that allows you to test & respond to changes in the advertising world quickly.

Two, quality. High-quality ads are going to generate more engagement, and higher engagement is going to drive performance.

Three, diversity. Greater diversity of creative means the ability to test more target segments, which allows us to optimize for growth.

Use these tips as a guide going forward, and you’ll convert more for sure.

P.S Blogged more about this if you want some other ideas. https://bit.ly/2s0G4lj


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