Looking For Feedback On A New Charity Website

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Hi all,

Finally finished. I am looking for your feedback.

Website is www.PennsylvaniaParks.org

Thanks in advance

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Hi @Justin34

Have seen your store and it looks very good.

But I think some things need to change:

- Some parts have a green background look quite unsuitable. It's too shining.

You can see two examples below:



You can try to use another color, still green, but lighter. 

- If you are selling some products for funding, I think you can have a Featured Products section on your homepage. 

- And an Instagram gallery is a good way to show more real-life photos about the park. Check this app if you want to create one Shoppable Instagram Gallery

- The normal font on this part is more suitable I suppose. 


- Too many texts are bolded here. This can make your customers don't know where they really need to focus. Just light some texts. 


By the way, you're doing great. Keep it up!

Hope this helps!

Thank you, 




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Hi @Justin34 !

Very great design and layout of the store- everything looks so organized and eye-appealing.

Add testimonials - it is important to have visual reviews. People prefer read them instead of the product description.

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Hey there @Justin34 Here's what I'd like to add on to the trail - 

1. When I'm on the homepage, I notice that a lot of space is being occupied by your logo. If you can reduce the size of your logo, your header menu is good to go!

2. Only bold the letters/sentences where you want to highlight something. Don't use it unnecessary all over your site. 

3. When I'm at your product page, one problem I found out that, I was unable to go back to your category page. There is no option for me to straightaway checkout your mugs and other merchandizes. To do that, I have to go back to your merch shop page! If you can add breadcrumbs to your pages, it would be great and easy to navigate. 


4. Your coffee mugs lack product description and I guess you forgot to add customer reviews in your store. See to it that you add them asap! 

5. Since it's a movement, you can also run a blog section and talk about other relevant stuff. You can also ask visitors to sign up for your free newsletter or a spin wheel maybe so that they get either free shipping or an assured discount. 

Rest, your store looks perfectly fine! 

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