Looking On Feedback for my store please..

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Hi ,


A few quick details that immediately popped out at me:


  • Unclear favicon: use an easy to recognize favicon that clearly displays your specific brand. Here is an easy to follow guide to help you "Shopify "How To" 
  • Add a call to action button on your homepage: think "Shop Now" or similar concept to guide your clients where conversion magic happens
  • A dollar-sign ($) generally comes before a value, not after (for example: correct form- $45): this might be odd to potential clients and change how they perceive your professionalism
  • Clearly display your contact information at the footer of your page: include your (e)mail, phone number, and/ or address (at least 2)
  • Add an "About Us" page to clearly describe your brand
  • Add a refund policy that clearly states what your customers can expect: this is fairly important for building trust
  • 3-5 pictures of each product is optimal variants require additional photos
  • Also, pictures should show items being used by actual people and from multiple angles. Remember, make sure all variants have pictures that clearly display differences as well.
  • When I click to buy a product, there is a delay on the express checkout buttons appearing. Any delay or additional step increases the likelihood that your customers will leave your site.
  • Your Facebook page should be clearly linked and prominently shown on your site: It adds to social trust, engagement, and awareness.
  • Your other social media pages do not work: They are all link back to your homepage rather than to a unique twitter, pinterest, etc... 


Beyond all those details, there's a good chance that your site isn't optimized for many of the behind the scenes SEO details. You really should consider trying out a Free store analyzer tool to double check your work. It'll notify you of the errors existing behind the scenes and SEO tweaks that would further improve your conversion rates.


Last bit, if you are advertising, you should post and/ or read a bit on the Shopify Ecommerce Marketing forum.  It could improve your site by helping you turn your 80-100 daily visitors into traffic that converts. With that in mind, I strongly suggest looking for an AI automated advertising App from the Shopify App store like this one. As more shops use similar services to target clients and outbid the competition, it will become increasingly important.


If you have any more questions, feel free to contact me. Annnnnnd, if I've been of help, please click "Like" below.


Best of luck with your site!

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Hey @SkinsToGo,


Once you hover at the product, you can see that the original price is crossed and the discounted one is showing, here is the screenshot:

Без названия (11).png


But when you click on the quick view button, you may notice that the original price is showing next to the discounted one I believe, here is the screenshot as well: 

Без названия (12).png


Hope it helps

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