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Hello, I have recently opened up my store and have had quite a few visitors, (about 50 or so a day). I have been getting a few add to carts here and there but haven't been able to get a single sale. 

I would really appreciate some feedback on my store.


Hi  , your store's page looks like that of a blogger rather that of a merchant. You may need to do a few things;

  • bring up the products you offer so that your visitors can immediately see your array of products soap.png
  • use a different theme to build your store so it appears more like a merchant store than a blogger's page.
  • you could also do with some social channels, that will expand your storefront to the channels that users and potential shoppers are readily available on; Messenger, Instagram, etcYour social links can sit at the bottom of your pageYour social links can sit at the bottom of your page 
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Hey there, @ccjoejoe1

You’ve put in a lot of work in this store, and it shows. I love that you’re getting visitors and some interest in your products, but let’s figure out what’s going on between the add to the cart and the checkout.

I see that you already have Lucky Orange installed. You’re already ahead of the game!  You’ll be able to see exactly what’s going on with your visitors.

Before we begin, I would suggest setting behavior tags if you haven’t already done so. It’s really easy, and it will take just a few minutes. Click on the settings cog, and go to Behavior Tagging. 

I would set up:

    1. URL to match: soap | Match URLs that contain this text | Tag recordings with Viewed Soap
    2. URL to match: lotion | Match URLs that contain this text | Tag recordings with Viewed Lotion
    3. URL to match: cart | Match URLs that contain this text | Tag recordings with Cart
    4. I assume you have a checkout confirmation page. Take that one as well. That will help you see who made it through the checkout process. 

This is going to help you get into some of that visitor-level data to see how they engaged with your site. 

Now let’s dive into your store.


  • Here’s an easy fix that will make a huge difference - link your banner! I would also make the font size a little bit bigger. The font makes it a little hard to read. But the biggest update is to link it. Use your heatmaps, which show where people are clicking,  to see if people are clicking on it. My guess is that they are. That’s a missed opportunity to get someone to convert! 
  • For your hero image, play around with different images. Test different combinations, and be sure to add a CTA button that’s linked. Right now, there’s no link on your hero image, so if people are clicking on it (check to see in heatmaps), it’s another missed opportunity.  
  • I like your homepage length in that you don’t cram as much as you can into the space. That being said, I think your order is a little off here. I would remove your welcome message to the bottom as well as the “Why Goat’s Milk Soap?” image. That is great information on why you use goat’s milk, but that may be better suited for an FAQ page. 

In general, I would use two columns to organize your footer rather than one stacked column in the footer. It’ll make it 

  • Manage subscription: I like the idea behind this page, but I don’t think it’s quite there. The “Customer Login” header is hidden by your navigation bar, and it seems a little jumbled. The sign in form needs to be higher on the page. Since subscriptions would be for customers rather than visitors, I don’t think this is the place to have an option to sign up. I also would take out the “By signing up you agree to receive emails from us…” notice. Again, these are for customers. Wouldn’t they already have a relationship with you? Also, explain that they can also login through Facebook, Google and Amazon. It isn’t clear why you have icons there. 
  • Shipping information: All I have to say is...YES! I love that you have flat rate shipping. This is the information customers want to find! 
  • No risk returns:Link your email address
  • Contact us: Link your email address, and take out the “Your Subject” from the form. It’s not needed. On this subject, use live chat on your site! It’s included in your Lucky Orange subscription and can help you answer visitor questions while they are still on your site. 
  • Terms of Service: Make sure you link your email address
  • Newsletter subscription: Add some value to it! If you want to collect email addresses, give visitors a reason to give it to you. Since you already use Lucky Orange, take the form off of your footer and use a poll instead. That will let you show it when people are most likely to be interested in it (i.e., viewed a product) rather than the moment they land on your site. 

Your top navigation is nicely laid out. As you get more traffic, watch your heatmaps to see how people are engaged with it. You may be able to move your About Us to the footer. If you have a large majority of mobile visitors (check your dashboard to see), test adding the contact page to your navigation bar. I’ve seen a lot of mobile traffic use that contact page from the main navigation. 

Collection Pages
Add filters for scent families (i.e., fruity, floral, etc.). As you grow your inventory, it will help your visitors find the scents that they want to buy.

Product Pages
I only have three suggestions:

  • Add in a link to your shipping information - maybe even include how many dollars to free shipping
  • Ask for reviews on your purchase confirmation emails
  • Take out the “You may also like…” plugin. It’s not working right now. 


Overall, I really like your store! It’s clean and put together well. My biggest suggestions are to get those behavior tags in place and then filter your recordings to see how visitors engaged with your store. How do they navigate? What information is missing?

Also, don’t forget to use auto invites. So if someone is spending more than 45 seconds on a product page or didn’t checkout within 2 minutes of adding a product to their cart, it can trigger a chat invitation. It can help stop people from leaving before they get their questions answered.

I hope this helps! If you have any questions at all, please feel free to reach out. Good luck!

Cheers -

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Hey @ccjoejoe1 

Congrats on your store , its a really good collection of thoughtful products , I would like to give some design suggestions to help make your store more appealing to your customers and also increase your sales 

1. I feel there's a little incompletion in the design that you have chosen , but relaly love the product colors , big fan of pastel colors  
2. change the landing page to a very modern look that has good pictures and slideshows and banners . add long big pictures and good quality ones to you page , mostly of ho the product being used by people , they relly gets the user to see how good the product is 
3. the optimization is not done well is what I feel , the store needs to be more friendly to the user . add blog pages and FAQ pages to help the user out if they get stuck nf also blogs and testimonials also builds trust for users to buy your products 
4. its needs a better category listing as you have given it on the nav bar , try changing it to collections and having a drop down with all the product type , looks more clean 
5. the product catalog page needs a revamp as you would need to make it look more presentable with filters so that nav is easier 
6. use product labels to help sales , ill leave a link below of an app that can help you with this 

Stay SAfe 


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