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Hello i am new to Shopify and i looking for feedback on my store.  I am trying to get advice on the look, feel of my store and what i can improve that might help bring a better bounce rate.  I am using the Supply theme.  My shop is Flower Child Aromatics at www.flowerchildaromatics.com or flower-child-aromatics.myshopify.com.  Thank you.


Welcome to Shopify and congrats on your new store. I am Richard - CRO Expert from PageFly Apps. After having a look at your store, I have some feedback on your homepage based on my personal experience. 

  • Make your banner stand-out with a Call to Action button

The first positive impression is extremely important. When customers first visit your store, you want to show them the best. A banner is considered as a visual announcement on what you are selling.Thus, your visitors know they are in the right place and start their buying journey. 


On your banner, I would suggest you put a powerful “Shop now”  button to redirect your visitor to your most compelling products, your special sale campaign, your greatest collections etc. This will help you to increase your conversion rate. 

  • Your sale promotion is hard to notice. 

Promotion encourages visitors to make more purchases. However, your promotions announcement stays at the top right corner with a small font size.Thus, visitors easily miss it and you might lose numerous sales. 


An eye-catching promotion banner or popup should be applied right from your homepage. Since promotion is a short-term marketing tactic, you can use a countdown timer or end date to “rush” your customer grab sale before it’s gone. 


  • Product Categories Navigation

Your product categories section is a little bit unorganized and hard to read. Customers misinterpret when they land on your homepage, cannot see what they need. In fact, images demand so much attention and visitors rely on it before they find search bar or categories tabs. Therefore, it is recommended that the homepage reveals every category of the product by thumbnail image. Also, you should display catalog on categories tab to indicate visitors the diversity of your store. 


  • Invest in bespoke imagery 

Inviting images will create a professional look and boost conversion rate for your store. You have lovely unique products but displaying all of them on the homepage is not a good idea. It distracts customers and makes their purchase time longer. Consequently,  they might give up on buying your products. Instead, you can just feature some of your most wanted products. High quality images are also a great way to get visitors attention. 


In addition, don’t just show what a product looks like but how it works in real life. Your products are lovely and unique so lifestyle shots will be game changer in conversion rate optimization 


  • Others

About us, Your Story, Brand name, Blog post, Social pages (Instagram, Facebook), chat box and Testimonials can be added to your homepage as well. As a solution being trusted by thousand Shopify users, PageFly - #1 Page Builder Apps has been helping non-technical merchants build their fabulous store. You can take a look at our demo store Storefly created by PageFly. You might get some inspiration from it. 

I hope this will help you and your business. If you find it useful, please click like and mark solutions to let me know. Have a great day Tina. 



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