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Hello all! Hope everyone is safe and healthy. 


I recently created a new store in mid-February that I have been running ads to for various products. 

However, my Facebook ad stats say buyers are not having a good experience upon arriving at my product pages. 


I would appreciate if I could get some advice on what changes I could make to the store to boast my conversions!

Product page:


Main Store: 



Thank you 

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Hey there, OludareOlugebmi!


I’m sure it’s frustrating when you put the effort in, but your buyers aren’t happy.

First of all, visitor behavior is going to be the secret weapon here. You'll be able to see - literally - what's stopping people from converting. Heatmaps (to see where customers click) and session recordings (to see what happened during a visit) can give you that insight you need. If you could filter recordings to see just what visitors from your Facebook ads experienced, what would you see?

Here are a few quick fixes:

  • Update your copyright to 2020.
  • Your Facebook button in your footer and the top banner aren’t linked. Be sure to link them and open them in a new tab.
  • Add a little padding to your logo; the banner is touching the paw print icon. 
  • Remove phone number from your contact field. Customers don’t like giving away sensitive information like a phone number. 
  • Add your contact email address to your Contact Us page. 
  • Speaking of email addresses, link your email address on your Shipping Information page.


Product Pages
If this is where people are having the most issues, let’s start here. Again, I can’t stress enough how much of a help heatmaps and session recordings would be.

My first impression is there's a lot going on. There’s a lot going on:

  1. What does the color bar mean? Is that for inventory? 
  2. Reiterate free shipping
  3. The size of everything is very large on desktop. As such, it interferes with the quantity and your “Frequency Bought Together” cross-selling.
  4. It feels long for a product page. Can some of these sections be collapsible? 
  5. There’s no way to just add it to the cart. If I click the only CTA to “Buy It Now,” I’m immediately taken to my cart. What if I’m not done shopping yet? What if I wanted to buy your cross-selling items? It’s an added step I don’t think your customers necessarily want to take. 


A scroll heatmap would show you how far people are scrolling while a click heatmap would help you find out where people are clicking.

Also, we need to talk about “We have 24/7 Ticket and Email Support. Please contact us at petsnsights@gmail.com if you need assistance.” I love that you have the addition, but there’s an easy way with live chat.

Live chat would let you answer those questions without making customers leave your site to do so. Auto invites would let you engage them if they met certain criteria, such as staying on one page for more than 30 seconds or adding a product to their cart but didn’t checkout within 2 minutes. You would be actively engaging customers to answer their questions right as they may have them. 


My biggest suggestion here to use heatmaps to see where people are actually clicking and scrolling. While I like your CTA on your scrolling header images, I don’t know if they are doing enough for your homepage to keep them. If your customers don’t respond to them, it may be better to provide a collection overview by type of product or pet. 


Test it out - If I’m a dog owner, I wouldn’t want to see cat products. However, if I’m a cat owner, I do. It may be better for your homepage to sort it by pet rather than product. Again, just test it out. 


I also get a little confused by having “view all” after your best sellers AND again after your guarantee. It should be one or the other. 

I don’t think your navigation is as smooth as you want. Honestly, it’s hard to find anything. Because it’s segmented by product and not pet, everything is jumbled together. There’s no option to filter by pet species either. 


Imagine if I went to your full list of products. How would I find a cat collar? I would have to know it’s under Pet Safety and not Pet Accessories, and I would have to sift through your products to find it.

That may not sound like a big deal, but it’s a hurdle for your customers. They don’t want to spend extra time trying to hunt down their products. With the search option only in your footer, it’s possible that not many people are making it that far down to see it. (If you had a scroll heatmap, you could tell). 


Overall, you have a great start here. Visitor behavior will help you find those areas that your customers want you to improve. Lucky Orange has heatmaps, session recordings, live chat and more with a free trial (no credit card needed) and plans that start at US $10/month. 

I know this is just the beginning for your store, and I can’t wait to see how it grows! Update us with your progress, and good luck!

Cheers -


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Hey Pets n Sight,

Site header looks a "little clumsy".Minimize the length of the "hero banner" to make some space at the header top. In addition, shift the logo to the "extreme left" while, the header menu to the "center position". Other points to be remembered are as mentioned below:

  • The "Add to cart" CTA facilitates reliable user experience, which is missing from the product page.
  • "Easy site navigation is the prime priority of each and every shopper". Hence, the "search bar" should be present on the "top-right header corner" as well apart from the footer.
  • The "search landing page" is disabled in your case ie it does not redirect to "/search" when the "enter key" is pressed while placing the cursor on the search bar.
  • Eliminate "multiple newsletters" near the site footer as they tend to irritate the customer.
  • Indicate urgency by adding words like"Last chance" or "Hurry" to the header template.
  • Some images should be added to the "About Us" section thus, making it a little more expressive.
  • Filters are very important for customers in order to identify the correct product from the huge catalog. So, you should look for advanced filter options for your store.
  • You can also install one of the most popular app Growwave which is all in one marketing platform that helps store owners increase conversions with ease.
  • Finally, I would also recommend replacing the default search with an advanced search like Sparq which allows synonyms, advanced custom tag filters, spelling correction, and other such features. Visitors with search are high intent users and their conversion rate is higher than normal users.
    Check out the features live here
    You can use Sparq free trial for as many products in your store. After the trial period, you can enjoy with Sparq’s Free Starter Plan for upto 1000* products.

Hope these suggestions are useful for you.

Neha :)

Sparq is a fast and beautiful product filter and search solution for Shopify store owners. It allows store owners to add a custom tag, metadata, or variant based filters on their collection page and upgrade their default search to an extremely fast, more user-friendly and feature-rich search.

Dear OludareOlugebmi,


1. Add interactive and user-friendly features like custom swatches, product zoom in, product reviews, unique product titles/descriptions, cart drawer and a sticky cart with a sticky add to cart and buy now button etc, at product page. Example of Ideal Product Page

2. Improve your store loading speed

3. Trust badges should be on the home page like 100% Authentic products, Easy return, etc

4. Add product reviews as most of the customers read the review before purchasing the product.


Hope this will help. If you need any help please contact here: https://www.task4store.com/pages/contact-us

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