Looking for an honest feedback for my healthcare store

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Please visit www.ehomehealthcare.com and provide your feedback on what you liked and what can be improved on.

Thank you for your time and support.


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First of all, get rid of that popup. Makes me want to leave your site. 

Other than that, your store is great. You have your stores purpose right on the first slide and underneath that, you immediately state your brand's purpose that is directed at your target market. Throughout the site, you maintain your brand's message and the same brand feel over all pages.

The site is boring and sterile which in most cases would be bad but this feels more like a doctors office which makes me trust your brand more since your brand has to do with medical care. It feels safe, clean and like I am in good hands. 

You have a lot of categories and a lot of items in your store and when people come to your site, they will most likely only be coming for one of your categories so having a featured items tab, although sounds good, takes up space that you can otherwise be showcasing the categories so when someone comes looking for one category, they have more than just the one option of the drop-down menu to find the category they are coming to your site for.

Also, the brand's logos that are on the bottom of your home page, should be at the top. They are there as trust builders so put them where everyone will see them. Very few people will scroll all the way to the bottom of your homepage. Put these logos right below the slide or in the slide. Whichever looks best.

Last thing, don't have a banner saying use a promo code. Just give them that stuff. Cut your prices by 10% if you can afford it and give them free shipping. The banner should read something like "Free 2-Day Shipping On All U.S. Orders - Ships Within 12 Hours"

So we have gone over the visuals. They are good. Now on to what will actually sell product.

Why would I want to buy from you over going to Amazon and getting the products for cheaper or the same price and getting it the same day or next day at my doorstep? This is one of the holes in your store's armor. Why you?

You do not even need to have the fastest shipping like Amazon and I would not even try, they are already king of that castle. You also do not need to have the cheapest prices like eBay. You can have your value proposition be something like you have blogs and videos teaching family members who have suddenly become caregivers how to care for their loved ones, how to perform certain tasks and you could also have the best customer support in the industry by having free phone instruction on how to perform certain tasks. These are just ideas. 

Work on your unique selling point and value proposition and you will have a great base for growing your business.