Looking for both positive and negative feedback.

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Hello, Shopify friends! Can someone please tell me both positive and negative feedback on my new Shopify store? Women's fashion.Thank you!!
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You have nice store. Hope following tips will help you.


1. Change font and design

2. Organize your menu

3. Optimize your store for mobile

4. Improve your page speed

5. Add blog section

6. Use call to action button with banner


There are other areas you need to work if you need help please contact us through our website.


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Looks like you have put a fair bit of work into your store, well done! 


Beyond what has already been stated, below are a few things to improve upon:

  • product pages
    • add customer reviews: this adds to buyer confidence and helps to drive customers through your sales funnel more quickly
    • use higher quality photos: Take your own photos or select and edit photos to have a more professional, standardized look  (ex: compare "2 piece spaghetti strap crop w/ shorts" to "'new' cute pleated knee dresses")
    • consider a simpler font: Product Descriptions, FAQ, Shipping Policy, etc... should be easy-to-read (ex: see size chart four seasons Korean Harem Pants)
    • standardize size charts: every product should have a similarly formatted, easy-to-read size chart
    • use names of colors rather than numbers: increases ease of use (ex: see warm women plaid velvet shirt/jacket)

And, of course, some things you did well:

  • home page: you display and state your site purpose clearly on the landing page 
  • effective product descriptions: you describe your products in an interesting, informative way
  • used multiple photographs of each product: customers can view various ways to see how each item might appear
  • effective FAQ and easy to find information on privacy, shipping and returns, TOS, etc..


If you have any questions or are interested in learning how you can also improve your advertising campaigns, feel free to check us out at AdScale.com or contact us here


Hope this was helpful!

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Hey, there. 
Congratulations on starting your store! It's a big task and can take a lot of time, but once you get it going it's really exciting. First of all, I want to say that I love that you're getting your site going in a nice direction. You're really embracing the female clothing market. 
However, I also think that we can make some improvement to help you make more sales. In general, customers have a low attention span so you want to make sure that you grab it as soon as possible. The header images that you have are big (great), but they're too generic (not so great).
The banner image is the first thing that your customers are going to see so you want images that pop! Stock images are fine, but I wouldn't choose the ones that come with Shopify because they're very common by this point. Burst by Shopify and Unsplash both have a great selection of images and they're free to use! 
These images don’t have to be a product your selling, but they should be images that work for your brand. Girls in summer dresses at the beach or hanging out having ice cream. Things like that. 
Another thing that you'll want to adjust right away is the fonts that you're using. Currently, you have the same font and same style as your main font and your sub-font. You don't want to do that generally as you want to have a variety to catch the eye, but I also strongly suggest you don't use Italics. Italics make large bits of the text hard to read.  If you find a font that you like you can google a good font pair for it so that your site will be as captivating as it can be. 
Another thing to look into is making a logo for the top of your site. If you go to Hatchful you can make a free logo there. Eventually, you might want to look into making something more unique and something that relates specifically to what you're selling, but I think this is a good place to start 
The text in the top banner is great, but I think you should put that on the home page further down in a blurb of text and save the banner for some type of advertising or for free shipping. 


If you go into the Theme Customizer (Online Store > Themes > Customizer in your Store Admin) you can add a variety of different sections like an Image with Text or a Rich Text section. That will be good for what you have written at the top. 
Speaking of that header though, have you thought about offering free shipping on all products or at least marketing it? I see that you have it on your store so really push that because it's a major selling point!
There're a large variety of customers who get turned away by the cost of shipping in the checkout so, in order to capture the sales from those customers, I recommend that you hard market free shipping! This is a great article that goes into more details about the specifics of free shipping.
Menus should make a site easier for the customer so I suggest adding a 
  • Returns/Shipping page 
  • an About Us page
  • & Contact Us page
You have some of those, fabulous, but you want to make sure to add all of them because all three are very important!  
For your About Us page, you want to make sure that it's super captivating. I found a link to a great article that you can use to help you make the best About Us page. I like that you have one already, but with the font in italics, it's hard to read. When you change the font and you don't have your subfont in italics, it'll make the About Us page more captivating. With the help of the article I attached, I think it could be spruced up just a bit. 
On your home page, this section here is useless. I like the images, they're cool, but they break up the site and take away from what you're actually trying to do and that sells women's clothes. If you're going to have that section on your home page add some text over/under/around it or move it to the very bottom of the home page just above the Footer Menu. 


In all honesty, it's best to have the 3 products that you're advertising on the home page sit right under the header images. 
Another thing to really pay attention to are the product descriptions and product names. You really want to make sure that you customize them for your store. What suppliers from Oberlo or AliExpress give are not what you want to show to your customers. Since you're making a custom store you want custom names and custom descriptions. I know it seems like a daunting task, but if you start that you'll notice a difference. This video here will hopefully take some of the "daunting" out of the task. 
Another thing to note about the home page is that this image is blurry. 


Since websites are so visual and since, as I said above, customers lose interest so fast, you want to make sure that your visuals are on point and your pictures are perfect. In this day and age, there's so much competition you want to strive for perfection with your store! 
Further down the page where you're thanking your customers for stopping by, that's great and it'll help your customers feel appreciated. However, definitely take out the part saying "Hope to see you soon!". That means that you're expecting them to leave your site and you don't want to do that or give them an excuse to leave. You want to pull your customers in as far as you can and try to make the sale and get that conversion! You never want to give them a reason to leave. 
Instead, try an email marketing discount campaign. Something like: 
"Thanks for Stopping by! 
To show you how much we appreciate it we want to give you a 15% discount code for your first order." 
Then below that, you'd have an email bar where they can sign up and you can give them a custom sales code for their first order. 
Omnisend is a good company
or Klaviyo 
Email Marketing is a big topic so try looking over this video here on Email Marketing from our Free Shopify Academy.
Average customers need to see product 3-7 times before making a sale so we want to bring the products back to them as much as we can or at least give them as many reasons to stick around. 
Now for your store, let's talk about marketing. What have you done to get the word out about your store? 

Dallas | Social Care @ Shopify
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