Looking for feedback - Traffic but no sales!

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Hi everyone, 

I'm hoping for some advice on my store - its been up and running for a few months now, and gets a little traffic ( ~8 people a day) - but as of yet, I have had no sales. Is there anything wrong/obviously putting people off - or am I expecting too much from a short space of time and such little traffic? 

Here it is: www.geometrico.co.uk any feedback, good or bad is welcome! :D 



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Hey Daniel,

Typically with my own e-commerce retail stores I aim for $1.5-2/visitor in terms of conversions, but it will definitely be difficult with 8 people per day. Growing traffic should be your main priority, your social channels are really just in the infancy stage so keep at it.

When it comes to social channels, your content has to be interesting, some of your posts are fairly weak in terms of appeal and wouldn't drive customers to your site (such as the one with the white coffee cup and the person with the tri-pod in the background).

Try submitting your product to services such as www.touchofmodern.com , there are a lot of these types of sites out there so just stay persistent, send samples, and get them interested.

You site looks nice, but it's fairly expensive for a felt coaster, perhaps some standard $9.99USD options/stocking stuffer packages would be an easy sell this time of year.

Scott Luscombe

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