Looking for feedback. What is blocking my sales?

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Hey everyone. I have been running this site for a while and, although customer feedback has all been excellent, I've been having a tough time scaling. The site gets some organic traffic (~2500 visits/mo) and I'm building an email list with a drip campaign. Paid ads I've run have all had an upside down ROI so I haven't been able to maintain them - note that I've run many ad campaigns in the past that have done well so I don't think this is due to lack of experience in PPC.


I've tried a few themes including some pretty expensive ones, but this one (Boundless) seems to have the highest conversion rate.


It's a fun business and I love the customers I get so regardless of how well it does I will likely keep it going.


I'm curious if anyone has any advice or notices anything that might be preventing more sales. Really just looking for a second set of eyes and potentially some suggestions for improvement.


Thanks in advance. Here's a link to the site and a list of apps I'm using. 




Apps I'm using:

Glow Loyalty - For my loyalty and referral program

Pixels - For selling POD tapestries

Printful - For selling POD tshirt designs

Product Reviews - For product reviews :P