Looking for feedback for my new store

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Good day to anyone who is reading this, I just launched my health & beauty store last week https://www.hereforyou.store this is actually my first store so I need some feedback on any and everything you think should be pointed out. Thanks

Store url :https://www.hereforyou.store
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Hello. I would reccomend a new layout because things are all over the place. Itd hard to tell what type of store you actuay have. Also i would remove the logo from the banner because it is blocking the face of the main image.

I would also add more banners that showcase your products a little bit better.

Lastly i reccomend you adding a blog or relevant article to help get free traffic to your store😊
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Thankyou Christina. Please review my product pages too
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Hi @Thezinoway 


Landing page:

  • Banner image - use for pictures of products (this is the most important part of the site to engage new users and it's just stock images).
  • Top selling collection - make sure the grid (3x2) is full of products. Bottom row only has 1 item, which suggests there are only 4 top selling products - makes the store look small.
  • Add a favicon to the site.


Product pages:

  • Seems to be a lot of repeated images (You don't need to show pictures of plugs).
  • Use a gallery so all images aren’t shown at full size.
  • On Painless Hair Removal Wax Machine - not sure what all the options (EU1, US1, US2, etc) mean.
- Andrew
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Hey @!


Cal here from Shopify, thanks for reaching out to us. I've had a look at your store, you've done some great work so far. I've made a few suggestions that you could take into consideration:


1) Get a logo designed for your store: You can use Hatchful (http://bit.ly/2Xcmhw1) to design a logo for free! 


2) Insert a favicon into your theme when you have your logo created. 


3) The 'Collectibles' section seems to be tacked on, as it doesn't seem to fit in the 'health' niche that you were going for. Do watches match what you are trying to achieve with the store, or are they just put in because you think they are nice products? 


4) Landing Page content: The homepage could do with more images and more text. The About Us, however, should be its own page with a link to it in your navigation. The landing page should suggest who the business is and what your mission is (what problem are you solving?). 


5) Social Proof: If you have social media accounts for your business I would strongly suggest putting them in the footer of your theme. 


Right now your site is very product-focused, without communicating essential components like branding and business objective. You've done a great job on your first store, but have a look at what competitors in your niche are doing and emulate that as much as possible!


What marketing strategy have you for the business? 


Cal | Social Care @ Shopify
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Thanks alot for the helpful reply, all points noted. I want to run fb ads but I have no marketing strategy in place yet.
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Hello, looks perfect, theme is good. But look like a poor visitors and no traffic. To encourage the new users is better to have an some social proof app on your store. Try one for free, here is what I'm using: nextsale app