Looking for feedback from someone BASED IN THE US

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Dear Shopify community,


I am fairly new to the Ecommerce world and have recently set up my second shop (the first one was just to play around and get used to the system). After I have already had some sales success with Instagram ads, I have not made any sales since, but had various "Add-to-carts" and "Initiated Checkouts" together with tons of traffic from Facebook ads, but unfortunately no sales.

Recently, a potential customer contacted me via the Chat option I have had on my page (I have removed it by now). She told my that she was trying to buy something, but it did not work. Another customer also told me similar issues.

After I had contacted Shopify support about this, they made a dummy order and everything worked fine. Still, I would like to have a confirmation from somebody that resides in the US  (since those customers were based there), whether they can initiate the checkout successfully or if anything unusual happens.

Would love for someone to help me out with this. Here's my shop link: https://smartpetgoodies.com/

I would really appreciate the feedback and look forward to your replies.




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Love your store and design. A few suggestions:

1. Try finding a new hero image font. The green does not work.

2. I would not add crazy sales to the homepage. For example a pet water bottle is dicounted to $15 from $40. It seems a bit off.

3. I would add Shipping policy to the footer.

It seems like your checkout is working just fine! Hope this help! AdRoll is currently offering a 90 day free trial for our growth plan. Check us out: https://www.adroll.com/pricing

Nicholas Bennett