Looking for feedback, help improving conversion.

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Any general advice would help however I'm mainly looking for what's wrong with my store in terms of checkouts and product pages. I've recently started running low budget interest ads on facebook to refine my target audience. It's still early stages, the ad has been running for 2 days and i've been eliminating interests that aren't performing. I've gotten 13 add to carts, 7 initiated checkouts but no conversions. Why?



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Hi @Dakkuu 

The problem isn't with the store rather than with the checkouts as you mentioned. Have you tried capturing the emails of those checkouts to send them reminders? I think you should use this technique so that when any person checks-in to the cart, you must collect his/her email so that you can retarget them by sending reminders, notifications, and emails. Also, try to include the Facebook messenger technique in there as well. This will help you in conversions. You can try CareCart in order to use this tactic. Their apps are free and simple to use. 

I would suggest making a combination of ads and in-store tactics. Through ads, drive traffic and then capture those visitors through in-store marketing offers like spin a sale and customized offers through Facebook chat. 


Shopify Marketing Solutions: https://apps.shopify.com/partners/care-cart
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I know exactly why your store isn't converting...

Your store is pretty good, but it still needs some things put in place...

Mail me at Dalexicographer@gmail.com so we can talk and solve this.