Looking for feedback on Homepage, blog & the community I'm building around it

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I'm totally new to dropshipping & made Rogue Case, a store selling metal wallets with a selective collection of products. Each one of the products I'm listing (as of now 2) has its dedicated blog post.

I would love to get some feedback on the homepage & especially the blog section's design (thumbnails) & the article ideas (each product with its dedicated blog post). As well as the blog post introducing the "Rogue Protocol program", which is about my store's community space (a discord server to which only buyers get an invitation (that they find inside the wallets they buy). I didn't just want to create a store just to be spamming products with no meaning & no branding work behind it, would love to get your opinions about it! Looking forward to getting some constructive feedback :D, thank you in advance guys!

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Hey @RogueCase  

Hope you are doing well.

Your store looks quite alluring and professional. I've gone through your store thoroughly and I must say I found the user experience very rich and friendly. The website has been designed very meticulously and I am sure, it will be a hit in no time. 

There are very few stores like that of yours on the internet having such a beautiful concept. But I think even a website such elegant as yours need some marketing. Marketing and promotion are the second most important jobs to be done, once you've launched your website.

We at Descrii offer similar services to start-ups at a very reasonable price range. Our team consists of some very talented professionals. And we will be obliged if you give us a chance to be a part of the beautiful journey of your store that lies ahead. 



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Hi @RogueCase 

It's very nice to see thoughtful products and overall, your store brings me a feeling of trust and authenticity.

I just have a few suggestions, hope they can be useful for you:


- Instead of adding a link for the text, I believe a CTA button would be nicer, it will clearly tell the shoppers which action you expect them to do


- You have a popup that tells visitors to sign up to join Rogue Protocol program, but apart from the 3rd slideshow that links to a blog post, you don't say anything about it from the home page => as the chance that people see the 3rd slide is rather small, and some people just scroll down to see more, you can have a section on Home page to briefly introduce about Rogue Protocol program (I believe it's worth mentioning as a unique selling point of your store).

By making a section for Rogue Protocol, you can reduce the length of the footer too.

- Show star & rating for the product when it's displayed on the home page: it can increase trust for your store/brand, also serves as a guidance for hesitated customers

(1) Rogue Case _ best bifold and slim men wallets _ Aluminum wallets 2021-02-08 22-04-22.png

- Adjust this spacing



- Instead of showing only the link, I suggest you add a button with a CTA like: Shop the Rogue Emissary Wallet now => If a Call to Action is more visible, people are more likely to act on it


- Add a call to action to this blog https://roguecase.com/blogs/rogue-blog/rogue-protocol-not-just-a-community For example: Heading: Shop now to receive exclusive invitation to Rogue Protocol program and button: Shop Rogue Wallets


- I think it'd be nice if there's a space between the featured image to separate between blogs, right now they looks more like a banner when they are clearly not



- Move the content high up so we can see the Check out button above the fold.

- Have a background color for Check out button in the normal state => Again, the more visible the button is, the more likely people will action it, right now the Check out button is blending into the background, which isn't a good UI.


I hope the ideas above can become some of your experiments to improve conversion rate of your store. If they are helpful, please give me a 'like'

Thank you very much in advance and I wish you the best of luck!

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Hey @PageFly
Thank you for the kind words!
response to 1 & 3 - For the home page product section you highlighted, the funny story is I tried to put the "featured product" section but for some reason in the Venture theme it looked reeally F'ed up (As you can see the product image is really small compared to the giant product, I gave up trying to fix it & ended up creating a "text + image" section instead (the one you highlighted). I was thinking of modifying the picture & adding a "buy now" button right on it) instead of having it under the text (which I couldn't do because that part is apparently only for text).
Oh yea I totally forgot to check the review widget for home page product window. Thank you for pointing it out!
2- True, I should also mention the program in one of the sections as well! Thank you for bringing that up!
PS: I talked to my suppliers to have them print a small invitation card I designed which contains a code the customers can then use to join the store's discord server, that's the "phase 2" haha.
4- How do I adjust that spacing?
1- I'd love to know how to add a button instead of writing it in link format.
2- Thing is for now the only thing I can put in the announcement bar is to inform people that we can't ship anything during the chinese new year holiday (got informed about the date by some of the suppliers)
1- That one is a mess, at first I had the basic Venture blog layout which was reeeally bad, I found the HTML code to make the layout a side by side 2-articles layout but the issue with it is as you pointed out, no spacing between 2 blog posts, I messaged the shopify partner that sent the html code in one of the forum threads but I'm still waiting on his answer, hoping he would be open to help me with that in the HTML code he shared.
1- How can I do that?
2- Oh I totally forgot to check the checkout page (I just yesterday changed the whole website's color scheme! Thank you for pointing that out, will get it fixed now.



Adjusting spacing, removing the white space on Checkout page and adding button in your blog post, they will require custom code. It can be a bit complicated, so I think Shopify support will be the best resource for those issue.

I found this article https://www.shopify.com/partners/blog/building-a-clickable-call-to-action-button-for-your-shopify-th.... You can try the code from there and check this article  https://help.shopify.com/en/manual/online-sales-channels/buy-button/add-embed-code#adding-embed-code... to find where to add the code.

Removing white space in Venture theme https://community.shopify.com/c/Shopify-Design/Removing-whitespace-in-Venture-Theme/td-p/629260 

Otherwise, I think you may be interested in page builder, so I want to introduce our app PageFly, we provide free plan, no time limits, so you can test out and build a home page and add button anywhere you want it to be. 

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Oh thanks! No more spacings in the homepage, looks so much better! Although now I might need to redesign a few of the sections to make them all fit better in one continuous feed haha.

I'll definitely give a try to PageFly! Thanks so much

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Hey @Arunesh! Thanks for the offer, will probably need that as I have very little experience in marketing haha.