Looking for feedback on my first shop !

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Hi everyone ,

This is my first store . I am working on a anime niche which I think is better for me . I have not gone live yet and I'm still adding product I want to know if anything you want me to improve before going live . So I would love to have your feedback on my store :)  

Store Name - https://otakunerds.myshopify.com

Password - kiaske 

Thank You .

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Hey @!


Cal here from Shopify, thanks for reaching out to us. I've taken a look at your store and have a few points of feedback that you could consider for your store. Is this your first online store? You should be super proud of the work you've done so far. You're entering a very tough niche, as there are lots of well-established competition, so I'd also like to dig into how you are planning to market this business and what sets your business apart from others in the same niche too. 


Site Feedback 

  • I feel like this site needs a really cool logo. The typographical logo is cool but I think having a mascot would be incredible for branding in this niche. Don't you agree? 
  • You jump straight into your best sellers, which is fine, but I just got here, tell me a little about the business and who you are! What's your mission? 
  • The testimonials are quotes right now, which is cool. But prior to launch, I would definitely swap those with some reviews of your products. Perhaps send free products to some folks to review? 
  • No social icons in your footer. Definitely add some for some social proof!
  • Are you providing products for 6 manga/anime or are you a general store serving the entire manga/anime community? Everyone will have their favorites, and while it's impossible to service everyone, I do feel expanding your collections to be more inclusive to other shows/series might be a good idea if you can source the products. 
  • Be careful that your supplier has the rights to sell the products, you don't want to infringe on any copyright. 
  • Create an About Us to really let us know who you are as a business. You can read about how to create a great About Us here
  • Your product descriptions are minimalistic. This would be a great place to really sell the product. If you're a fan of the show you could drop in some fun, witty descriptions to really make the fans of the show feel like they are buying a product from a legitimate fan. 


In terms of marketing, as I've mentioned earlier, how are you planning to tackle this? I'd strongly suggest creating a great marketing plan

Cal | Social Care @ Shopify
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Hi @ShashankRawat 


I had a look at three products and they look like they're from ali express ? 


I could be wrong here but if your products are from Ali express you could be sued for selling these products because of copyright. Shopify could also close down your account. 


If your products aren't from ali express apologies in advance and wish you luck. 



Clayton Bates 

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  • The first fold of the website should always have a call to action in it - and here’s why; in most cases placing the CTA above the fold works wonders for your campaigns. This placement immediately draws your visitors’ attention to your CTA which is always good for conversions.
  • The footer menu contains "follow us" but no social media links, get them When you use any social media platform in the right way, it has the ability to bring a large amount of traffic to a website. The positive impact of Social Media is quite evident in brand awareness, brand loyalty, and customer service as well.
  • I noticed that you do not have an About Us page, it is, however. The About Us is probably the most underutilized marketing tool on Online Stores. What an About Us page should be is a goal-oriented sales page, one that focuses on highlighting the biggest selling points of your story and brand, making a strong impression on curious customers.
  • Make use of pop-ups to greet your customers. I would personally recommend you to go for a 45-sec-pop-up at the entry. Conversion rates for pop-ups are high and the most surprising discovery is that the pop up doesn't increase bounce rate at all. This is ample time for your audience to get hooked by your content, whilst also being quick enough to catch skimmers before they leave.
  •  I would recommend you to add a review button on your homepage so that every new visitor can get a glance.

    Create an engaging and interactive website- Engaged and loyal customers, can lead to an increase and repeat sales and also eventually lower down your cost of acquisition.

  • Make use of push notifications, which allows you to send push notifications in real-time to the user's browser. Engage customers will lead to an increase in repeat customers.
  • Chatbots in your business is that they save time. For instance, when used on your website they can provide fast, automated answers to most questions. This will engage your customers and prevent customers from waiting for a day or longer to receive responses as they would have in the past.


This is how you can engage your customers in your store. Instead of installing different apps go for all in one Aitrillion. I am sure it will help. Get the traffic through Facebook ads and engage your customers well, I am sure it will shower customers on your store.

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