Looking for feedback on my new VAPE shop, wundabarvape.co.nz

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Hi guys,

I am a newbiew in shopify. Recently create a vape store for selling online : https://wundabarvape.co.nz/

Purpose of this store is for getting more attention from local when they do google search & increase sale from customer who normally shopping online. So if anyone got free time, please visit my website any give me some suggestion for improvement like:

- Theme, logo, Home page, check out process, etc.

- Marketing/promotion

- How to get more traffic for a new vape website (try to post in social page but got almost no attention)

- How to get my the website on top of google

Many thanks!

(Google & Facebook banned advertise of any vape product)


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Hey there, 


Great looking store, Congratulations!!! 


I have a few recommendations, I hope they will be of help to you. 


1. Add a favicon to your website. It will help you strengthen your brand and to add a polished look to your website.


2. Hero images: Stick to one rather than the rotating carousel. While there’s an option to pause it or go between images, in my experience I’ve found it better to focus on one static image with a CTA that really stands out. And yes, do add a Call to Action button on your hero image (eg, a Shop Now button, etc.)


3. Make sure each product has 3 - 5 images as that will help someone decide if they want to purchase. A lot of products I saw only had 1 or 2 images.


4. For better SEO purposes, Terms and Conditions like "Privacy policy and Terms Of Service" page should be added to the site footer.


5. "Linked In and Twitter" both are the gems of e-commerce store advertising. Hence, should be added to the site footer.


6. Add to Cart icon - Prompt users to direct add products to cart without visiting the cart page.


7. Social Media links - make sure they open in a new tab.


8. Lastly, As per my opinion, you need to create a some urgency and social proof on your store. And I sincerely think you need to add a top announcement on your store which shows urgency and you can display your announcements like "free shipping",etc. (which you already have, so that's great) on them. 


You can use another app if you like this better - Superbar it provides you tools like a countdown timer, geolocation, etc. I’ll be adding links of a few apps that you could use for social proof as well below.  


For example, I'm sure you've seen how amazon creates urgencies in sales by showing the number of products left, upcoming sales, or drive sales by showing how quickly they have to order an item to get quick delivery, right down to the minute. 


If you want to sell more, boosting the sense of urgency in your marketing is the way to go. Making people feel as if they’re about to miss out on or lose a great opportunity is a powerful way to drive conversions.


One parting tip: like many other techniques, the urgency is best used in moderation. Don’t try to put pressure on your potential customers all the time, or they’ll stop taking your offers seriously. 


Instead, focus on periodically offering great deals that really are limited. I'm providing you some other app links that might be useful. 


Links - Urgency Pack Ultimate

Ultimate Sales Boost 



I sincerely hope my insights will be of help to you. Do let me know if you have any more questions.



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Hey Wunda Bar Vape,

Below mentioned points would help to enhance site optimization:

  • The "search landing page" is disabled in your case ie it does not redirect to "/search" when the "enter key" is pressed while placing the cursor on the search bar.
  • "Favicon" should be added to enhance the user experience and unique site identification.
  • "Login" enhances information security and helps in keeping a track of the order details as well.
  • "Instagram, Twitter, and Linked In" business pages should be added to the site footer for better brand advertising.
  •  You can also install one of the most popular app Growwave which is all in one marketing platform that helps store owners increase conversions with ease.
  • Filters are very important for customers in order to identify the correct product from the huge catalog. So, you should look for advanced filter options for your store.
  • Finally, I would also recommend you to try Sparq product filters and search to replace the default search on your store, this app allows advanced custom tag product filters for collection pages, synonyms, spelling correction, and other such features. Visitors with the search are high intent users and their conversion rate is higher than normal users.
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All the best!
Neha :)


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Hi @KayNguyen 


This is my thought about your homepage after reviewing it.


When scrolling down, I'm having trouble with your main navigation bar, I don't know what in my cart and have no way to move to another page. You should stick it while customers scrolling down and it would be really awesome. You can check this article for some best practices of homepage at here.


You can add CTA button in your hero banner, customers will have an easy way to buy it and may increase your conversion rate.


Hope that my comments will be useful for you.



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Hey Kay,

Congratulations on your store and welcome to the Shopify family!


I had a look around, the store looks great. It gives me a feeling you having expertise in this area. I only have a few pointers for your website experience:


  1. Favicon, as some other users have mentioned - is the small logo that shows up in your browser tab beside the name of your store. Add it. Also, I’d suggest ad the meta title and description for your home page and all others. (This is for SEO)
  2. Add more details to your product listing. A confusing product listing can be one of the biggest turn-offs as a customer. Think of someone who has not heard of your store - your website is the only place they will interact with your products. In some of the products, like “RELX Pod” and the “E-Liquid”, the images look to me like a list of options. I can’t read it and tbh it doesn’t tell me the differences between each. I would suggest making these products as separate listings and adding details for them individually. This will also help in SEO.
  3. When visitors come browsing in your store, they usually look for clues for which product they should buy. At your store, you can guide them, but what about your website? Think about when you shop online on amazon. How do you select a specific product?
    There are 2 ways: You either look at reviews, what other people are saying. So adding them would be a good option. The 2nd way is you look for the “bestseller” or “lightning deal” labels on the products. You can use these kinds of product labels on your products to guide users towards specific products. They also help in quicker decision making! Apps like Modemagic can help apply labels to your product images for free. Not only just for “bestseller”, but you can also apply labels like “selling out” or “sale” to increase the #Fomo in users. The feeling that they’re missing out is a strong drive for people to buy.
  4. About us - You’ve given a nice explanation about your company. I would say add a human factor to it by talking more about the owner, include pictures and make it polished.

I hope this advice helps you out. Let me know how it goes!



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Hi there, 

Thank you so much for your recommendation. I really appreciate those ideas, specially about adding more photo and countdown time add. your recommendation is really valuable

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Thanks for your suggestion and the app, I will do more research and improve my website for better looking. Cheers