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Hi all,


I am after some feedback on the look and feel (layout) of my Watches store. I only have around 8 products so far, but it gives enough of a user experience I hope for feedback. Navigation, colors, fonts, images etc that I can fix before I go any further into developing it.



password - welcome


As always thank-you in advanced



Shopify Staff
Shopify Staff
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Hi @positanoblue,


Hyde here from Shopify. Your store is coming along nicely! I have a few recommendations though:


Product Descriptions

When you dropship you often get a pre-generated product description:



This contains some information that may be useful but unlike the pre-generated title, it likely won't have the right keywords. You can still use the ones you’ve got from your title and re-write those into a longer description which you can re-use for your meta description also.

Premium Men’s Branded Baseball Cap. Perfect for the golfer in your life, casual enough for day to day wear, sturdy enough for any sport. This cap has a snapback shape and a sporty look.

You can then offer a bullet point list of the reasons customers should buy

- Top Quality 100% Cotton Product
- Precise detailing, Bold Colours.
- Fast Delivery, 100% Secure Site!

And maybe finish by encouraging them to share their purchase

You're going to get a lot of compliments - do us a favor and make sure you tell them where you got it!

You can get really creative with your product descriptions. There are even some templates you could use to speed up the process.

Perfect for ___________________________ (ideal situation),
these _______________ (product name)
can be/will _______________ (tell a quick story).
(Product name) ______________
are ______________ (top features)
to _______________ (product benefits).
No more _____________________ (pain and/or challenge).


Perfect for weekend getaways in the mountains, these Mighty Camper Cups will bring you and your friends or loved ones closer together around a campfire. Exactly what mountain trips were made for! Our Mighty Camper Cups are sturdy and built just for you with insulated fibers to ensure that your hot cocoa stays hot and your iced tea stays iced. No more crying over spilled milk!

You can also take the keywords here and add them to a spreadsheet. As you add products you can see which of these keywords come up most often and use them for your collection Meta Titles and descriptions too. More on that here.



Here are resources for considering your customer's journey through your store, from the moment they land to the moment they (hopefully) make a purchase:

- 3 strategies for improving user experience

- eCommerce - UX

- 11 ways to step up your content marketing game

- marketing to millennials


So you'll want to create original and innovative content to capture your customer. Two ways to do this are:


- Create blogs this is super important and here's why.

- Add a video to your store - people respond to moving images and this is why it's important.


About Us


I noticed that your "Our Story" page doesn't have any content yet. Here's what an About Us page should contain!


I hope this helps!


All the best, Hyde.

Hyde | Social Care @ Shopify 
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I wasn't able to access the store beyond the "coming soon" screen. I'm happy to take a look. 



Marketing Strategy @ DeepVarnish


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Hi DeepVarnish,


Yeah sorry the password box is on usual top right location (password = welcome), its just whitened out at moment so hard to find as Im playing with the colours and its hidden this password field..


Hope you can locate it and enter the store.


Negative or Positive Feedback is much appreciated


Have a nice day!

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Overall, really nice work. Your about page does a great job of explaining who you are and why your business exists. That should go a long way in helping to establish your brand with prospective customers.

  • Could be some brand confusion with an Australian premium watch company named after an Italian city. Just something to think about. 
  • "Straps" page currently returns a 404 error from your main navigation. 
  • Focus on your product descriptions. About half of your products start with "Strut around in pure style...." and end with a similar description. With a small number of products, now is the time to really hammer down that description template. 
  • Each product has multiple photos which is great. Photo quality is good. If those images are unique to you, even better. 
  • Price seems almost too good to be true which personally would make me skeptical. I haven't priced inexpensive watches, but $25 with free shipping included could be an issue. Out of curiosity, I compared with what I thought was a watch at a similar price point (fossil) and they were north of $100.
  • Reviews will obviously continue to be very important out of the gate.
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Many thanks for he time to review. Some great feedback there.


Yes, im still just playing with prices at this stage. They will be all modified to be at a sweet spot shortly once I get a few other issues resolved.


I will continue to add more photos, and also take on your recommendation to focus on each product desription.


Straps page is also a work in progress, so thats on the to-do list also :)


Many thanks