Looking for feedback on my new shop, Cloud Chest.

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Hi, I'm looking for feedback of my new store www.cloud-chest.com. The store has had traffic but only one sale. I will greatly appreciate your help.Thank you!


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Hi @G197335 ,

I have just browsed through your website and would like to share some of my thoughts. Hope that they will help you in improving your store.


  1. I like the fact that you have your products displayed in very clear order, which I feel align with my shopping journey.
  2. Good featured image, which brings a positive and energetic atmosphere.
  3. There are Return and Shipping Policy clearly in the Footer, which are very important in the buying decision of customers.

What can be improved:

  1. Text overlaying images: I really like the picture; however, the text overlaying happens to be a bright color as well, so I was not very attracted to the text (even though it is a motto you want to deliver). I do suggest moving it a background with a more contrastive color, or put in in a box.
  2. More contextual imagery: It is good to have a lot of product displays. But for landing page, in this case, your Homepage, I was expecting more creativity because it is the page that make the 1st impression and it will describe your store’s characteristics, rather than just selling gym clothes. You can consider adding more images of your clothes in contexts (such as in motion, during workouts, etc.). This will show the practicality of the product.
  3. Search field: your search field is a bit confusing to me as it opens to an unnecessarily large space. And the space to fill in keyword is obstructed by the currency button. So I suggest to keep it simple, just a simple search bar popping up is fine. Its position of it is okay, easy to find, so no comment.
  4. CTA Button: When I go to a gym clothing store, I would expect an impressive vibe, which motivates me to get up and exercise. So adding more CTA elements to your store will deliver that feeling. Offering customers with right product, promotion and finally, encourage them to take action, is decisive factors to bring you sales.

You can check out this article on some examples of high-converting Homepage  for reference as well.

Overall, I really like your store, it’s clear, easy to navigate around and find vital information. I’m sure you’ve invested a lot of time and effort to build such a clean and structured site like this. Just a little more enhancement would go a long way. You can also consider use page builder app with built-in CRO elements like PageFly to drive you even more sales. If you find my comment somewhat helpful to your store, leave a like or mark as solution, I’d really appreciate it. Good luck!



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Thank you!