Looking for feedback on my new shop- Oretronics Technology

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Kindly assist me to provide feedback/reviews on my new store- Oretronics Technology with the following:

  1. https://Oretronics-Technology.myshopify.com/
  2. Pay attention to delivery models, shipping, shipping agents/companies for local (Nigeria) and international orders/deliveries, ease of use
  3. Pay attention to payment options, menus, gateways, methods, ease of use
  4. Pay attention to inherent marketplace charges, commissions, fees, local taxes, international taxes, etc
  5. Pay attention to the products
  6. Pay attention to Product Descriptions (how easy is it for customers to understand and know the products) , Prices, value for money, Product viability, economic value, Product desirability, Product demand
  7. Pay attention to web pages, navigation, etc
  8. Pay attention to business sustainability & continuity on the Shopify marketplace
  9. How do I access seed funding, development funding, and funding/investments for business & market developments, and furthermore setting-up local assembly/manufacturing lines & plants for this business?
  10. Note that Oretronics Technology is located in Nigeria
  11. Need more free assistance in marketing and driving traffic to this website, that results in orders