Looking for feedback on my new shop, Unyikli Yoh

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Hi there,

I was wondering if you could give me some feedback on my site unyikliyoh.com 

1. The feel of my site. Easy to navigate and understand.

2. Product listing and description.

3. Product pictures.


Feel free to comment on one area or all. Your feedback is greatly apperciated.


Dear MiaUY,

You store is password protected, please share your password.

Best Regards
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Hello @MiaUY ,

We would really love to check your website and the work you have done! But your store is password protected, could you let us know the password or else you can remove the password so that we can look into your store.



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Unyikli yoh
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Hey @MiaUY,

Congrats on launching a new store! Sure, I can share some points for you to improve your website.

1. Add a favicon, that's the small icon you see on the browser tab
2. Add the contact us  page on the top bar ideally and avoid using a hamburger menu for desktop websites. It will make navigation harder
3. Consider using a chat widget on your page.
4. The biggest and most prominent problem I see on your page is that you are not using a good mix of colors. The grey text is barely visible on your mostly purple website, I would recommend you to use a white background on your site. you can use the purple color for your buttons or some headings
5. Do add some text and button on all your slider images. They'll be a great CTA but right now they don't convey anything

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I hope the above points can help you. Cheers, and wish you all the best :)


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