Looking for feedback on my new shop, ZooSox.com

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Hello! I am new at e-commerce and Shopify and I would love some feedback on the aesthetics of my website as well as advice on how to sell my products. I decided to start a dropshipping business not too long ago to try new things out. I currently dropship socks from Oberlo while having some of the proceeds go to elephant conservation. Through some ads, I have been able to nail down some of my audience, which happens to be millennial women. I hosted a free giveaway and that is how I managed to get some subscribers, but since the giveaway ended and my store opened, there has been no traffic. My current website is https://zoosox.com/

If there is any advice on how to better my site, increase traffic and sales, feel free to comment below. It would be great appreciated. Thank you


Hi @AshleyGuerra23 

I would love to provide some recommendations for your store. By the way, I love these socks!



1, The menu of the header

- The menu's size should be increased to 18 or 20px (currently, it is 15px).


Zoo Sox 2020-04-23 10-22-03.png


2, The heading's font size

Currently, I see the difference in the header's font size. They should be the same size

- While "Why Us" and "Recently Viewed" have the same font size as 19px; the "More Than a Sock" has the size of 25px.

I recommend you should adjust all of them is 25px. 


Zoo Sox 2020-04-23 10-24-10.png


Zoo Sox 2020-04-23 10-24-52.png


3, Product list/ Collection list

- I recommend you should add a product list/ collection list on your home page so visitors can see directly and immediately your store's products. 

Product reviews for the products are also highly recommended.


4, A Newsletter should be visible on the home page

- You can add a section for the newsletter or put it in the footer.

StoreFly - PageFly Demo Store 2020-04-23 10-31-30.png

4, Product page

- You should increase the price's font-size

- The product description should be placed under the price

- You should add a product quantity so customers can choose more

Cactus Socks – Zoo Sox 2020-04-23 10-34-56.png


You can consult hereBlack shirt 2020-04-23 10-39-30.png



- Your store's page speed in the desktop device is good, you also need to notice on the mobile as well. You can check this guide to know how to optimize mobile performance. 

Here is the article about Page Speed and how to have a faster loading time for an online store. 


I hope my recommendations can help you in some ways. Let me know if you have any questions.



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Hi @AshleyGuerra23 


The ides itself is great, however the site needs some work to be done. 


Here are a couple of tips. (in no particular order)


1) Add more detailed product descriptions

2) Sell socks in bundles. I would not pay for a shipping of one singe pair of socks. There is never too many socks so most likely people will be getting a few. 

3)Add more sharing options than just Facebook

4)Add a Buy it Now button

5)Add featured products or bestsellers on the homepage

6)Make the font slightly larger and itch black 

7) Reconsider the pricing. Make sure people do not have an option of purchasing similar product for lower prices. 

8) Improve functionality. Add reviews section, Wishlist, Give some small discounts, etc. 

If you want to add Reviews, wishlist, Discounts and more just in one click check out Growave


Good luck! 



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