Looking for feedback on my new shop: roombow

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This is my first store and I am sure I'd have made a lot of mistakes. Request you to have a look at my store and provide feedback for improvement. 

Preview Link-  https://an1t8smf7av0eyjt-43472289955.shopifypreview.com/

Many thanks. 



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Hi @nileshdamahe 

It's pretty good. Congratulations, In my opinion, you have done a great shop and built a really fine store. I would just suggest to include a video clip at your website banner if possible. Some footage demonstrating the home decor. That will be pleasing to the customer's eyes and will add value into that good impact he will get at your store. Moreover, integrate a newsletter subscription box in the footer so that you can send newsletters to your audience. Also, include a live chat option and for that, you can integrate Facebook live chat widget in there or can use any free Facebook messenger marketing app.

You have a beautiful store. Remember to work on its SEO by installing some SEO plugins. That will help in your Google rankings. If you have a good budget, you can do a sprint of ads to drive traffic to your store. However, first, you can start with some organic posting to your social platforms. Instagram is the key for photos and video stories and I think your product will get exposure in that platform.  Good luck

OH, and currently I noticed your Pinterest and Instagram links are not leading to your actual store pages. Please take a look at that

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Hi @nileshdamahe

Wow, at first I have so many praises for your store: 

- Beautiful logo and banner. I think I will motivate your customers to keep visiting your store. 

- The design is amazing too. Clean and fresh. 

- The products are suitable. 

So it's pretty hard to have feedbacks.

Just want to ask do you try to create an Instagram gallery yet. It can be a perfect way to show your products. You can see the example: 



Hope it can help you!


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