Looking for feedback on my new shop, www ligonline.ca

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Looking for comments on colour, font, navigation as well as the collections chosen on home page... Also open to any other comments you want to share.



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Can you provide your website URL?



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Hi @ginotpetrocco 

After looking on your store I have some feedbacks, hope that it might be useful for you.

Screen Shot 2020-07-31 at 13.35.37.png

- Headbar: Make your header sticky. This will better navigate your customers once they're in the store and scrolling down to see your products. If they want to discover more, they don't have to scroll all the way back up, thus, better user experience.

- Cart: I would recommend you to use mini cart in your store. When I want to check what I have in my cart, I have to move to Cart page which is not necessary for me, I still want stay on my page and check it, so a mini cart would be more perfect. Another way to enhance user experience on your store.

- Hero banner: The color of your primary button is quite hard to see it, you can change color more brightful to attract people click more on it

Screen Shot 2020-07-31 at 13.44.41.png

 - Product listing: Some images at here are not aligned and it breaks your layout, it's kind of weird here so fix your image height to make it more perfect. The font-size 12,6px here is too small to see it, please increase it into 16px.

- Video: The quality of your video is so poor, please using at least 720p above. I can't see anything at here.

- Collection page: The font-size is too small as I mentioned above, please increase the font-size. Moreover, the first thing customer want to see is Product's price so change the color into Red color, also you can apply FOMO marketing to boost your conversion rate of your store.

- Product Details page: You should use at least 4-5 product's image with different angles for customer have an overview of your product, I found that there is only 1 image in each your product. You can consider to add 'Reviews section' for customer rates your product, it makes your product more trusty and you can sell more and more.

Hope that my suggestions may help you in some way. Furthermore, you can check this article to know how to optimize your homepage.


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@ginotpetrocco your site is amazing.



Best regards,

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Alex with eScraper
Extract any data from any website into your Shopify store.
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www ligonline.ca 


or lasting-impressions-gifts on shopify

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THX, good feedback.

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thx good feedback