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My Site is piecesofher.net    I have the traffic and have placed thousands of dollars in ads but I have no sales. Please advise. Thanks 

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This is Ren from the Shopify Support team.

I took some time to review your website and have some suggestions to help get those sales going for you. You are definitely in the right category of product to find success. The fashion industry is a multi-billion dollar market!

When considering what successful fashion websites have in common the first 2 things to come to mind are a really solid brand and social trust. The following links discuss brand and social trust building and would be my first recommendation for you.

How to Build a Brand
DIY Visual Branding
Earn Trust When You Have Zero Sales
Trust Building Apps

Also, for further reading you may be interested in How to Get Your First Sale in 30 Days.

As for your current website, I've marked down some of the more prominent observations and changes you can make to help fine-tune the user experience:

Blurry logo - Try Hatchful or Fiverr to source a high-resolution and professionally styled logo. In order to help your store generate trust and look professional, you'll want to make sure anything that is a visual representation of your store is produced to a high standard.

Product photography - While you have some nice looking photos of people modelling the products, you'll want to make sure to have consistency among the images. Don't use pictures that have been taken with cellular phones or not on a white background. The guide in this blog offers some excellent tips. You don't necessarily have to take your own photography but you'll want to make sure the pictures fit within these or similar parameters. The key here is that all the images match and have the same look and feel to them. 

Branding -  I immediately noticed the lack of branding, mismatched fonts and colour scheme and as mentioned above, this is going to be the key to success with an online fashion store. Do you have a business that you gain inspiration from, what makes them different from yours?


Spelling -  I noticed 2 different spellings of jewelry/jewellery - be sure to choose one variation and stick with it! This is a good opportunity to review your headings and product descriptions to check them for spelling and grammar errors. Even these tiny, seemingly insignificant errors can play a large role in reducing customer trust.

About Us page - You have the link but the about us page is blank. This is the perfect place to add a mission statement and offer a view into your world and why you choose to build a store around the products you've curated. You can read more about what a mission statement is and why it's important here.


I hope you find these points helpful. I noticed you run an instagram account and you mentioned spending thousands in ads - have you thought of using a blog to increase exposure to your products? Another great form of marketing that can kind of work for you is to use influencers on social media. Have you thought of using that on top of your own Instagram?

Would love to hear your thoughts on the resources above!

Wishing you all the best.

Ren | Social team @ Shopify
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Congratulation for your store. I have gone through your store and hope the following suggestion will help you.


1. Optimize your store loading speed for mobile and desktop

2. Optimize your each product landing page for ads

3. Improve Conversion with Personalized Shopping Experiences

4. Use re-marketing

5. Target niche people at ads

6. Design need to be more impressive


There are other areas you need to work

Need More Expert Guidance? Please reach us here: https://www.mswebdesigner.com/products/get-expert-guidance


Thanks & Regards

MS Web Designer

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Hi @shop1224 


Your store is looking nice, I also see that there is no problem related to navigation but I have found that there is nothing related to tracking, I have checked Google Analytics is not installed, you are not tracking the traffic currently. With the help of Google Analytics you can track the pages report you can analyse the visitor activity, amount of time they are spending on your store, you can check the bounce rate, normally if bounce rate lies between 60-70% in analytics it is considered to be ok. You can also track the incoming traffic from the different location based on that you can plan the marketing strategy, you can target that location and specefic group of people in better way. Same case is that with respect to

Facebook Analytics, over there also in the same manner you can track the event such as coming to store, purchasing that item.  



I have also oberved that your Facebook Sales Channel is not setup, with that your follower would turn into buyer. Channel is free after configuring this channel, your products would list under shop section ultimately your products would be seen by your follower. You can generate sales from there.Facebook Analytics, over there also in the same manner you can track the event such as coming to store, purchasing that item.  


You can start selling on Marketplace, they already have set of audience, right now this is the best time you can onboard to the marketplaces during Halloween, everything would be setup you can take the help of integration apps, where process would be automated.


Fore more details, you can schedule an appointment with me through email on arpansrivastava@cedcommerce.com. I would recommend you to visit the resource related to Digital Marketing it will help you out. 





Arpan Srivastava
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Hi @shop1224  ,


Your store looks amazing. One thing crossed in my mind as I have gone through your product page is, your product recommendation is not a personalized one.


personalized product recommendations are estimated to account for more than 35% of purchases on Amazon. The type of products you are selling is highly visual in its nature and it is completely being purchased based on its style, color, aesthetics, and shape, which a user cannot put into exact words to describe to search and find. So, adding "similar looking products" as product recommendation would be more helpful for you to make conversions. Fashion customers always tend to buy items which are closer to their matchings. 

"Upsell with AI recommendations" is such a great app you can try. its additional upsell feature helps you ensure a minimum order value on each checkout. Link: https://apps.shopify.com/recommend-similar-looking-products

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