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I am seeking feedback on my store. I would like to start paying for ads, However, I am not sure if my site is ready.




Thank you in advance, 

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Hey @AmourNoir ,

I checked out your store and my first impression is that you have a great collection and the store is well set up. You have a very unique collection of products and I am sure your audience would love these!

I can give you a few feedbacks to improve your store visually:

1. Try to keep all images squared. It'll make your store look visually cleaner
2. The collections image on your home page can use more vibrant images. Choose images that are of high quality, vibrant and the product looks very clear on that image.
3. I saw your twitter link was not set. It leads to twitter home page
4. In your menu, the "our catalog" drop-down, the candles section goes to a separate line which looks odd. You could try making them all come in the same line

You can also check out the app I recently launched. You can use labels such as trending, bestseller, sale, new etc on your product images using this app. Labels would help you highlight certain products and let your customers choose products quicker. Do share your feedback if you try it :D

App Link: https://bit.ly/36ly69H

Cheers, and wish you all the best for your store!


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Hey there, @AmourNoir!

It looks like you’ve put a ton of work in your site, and it shows! I especially like that you use your own clothes in the model. Great job! 


Let’s dive right in:



  • Add a CTA button for your hero images. 
  • Consider reducing it to one static hero image rather than three rotating hero images. Use heatmaps to see where people click and which ones have more engagement.
  • Evaluate your Featured Products with click heatmaps and use scroll heatmaps to see how far people scroll. Typically featured products aren’t as popular with customers because it doesn’t mean much to them. It can narrow their perception of your product line, and “featured” doesn’t add value to the sale. Best sellers tend to perform better, but even then, it may not belong on your homepage.
  • I like your collection list in that it’s simple and straight to the point. Great job!
  • It appears not all of your sale items are actually on sale. Just double-check the pricing and how it displays.
  • Add more value to your mailing list. If you look at click heatmaps, I would bet that it’s a low engagement element on your page. What do they get if they sign up? Add a number in there - reiterate that 15% of your next order coupon code in your pop-up. 



  • Make sure your social media links open in a new tab rather than the same tab
  • Your Twitter account links to www.Twitter.com instead of your account.
  • Shipping policy: Make sure you include copy around international sales, including shipping costs. While you may not have many international visitors now, that may change as you use ads.
  • Privacy Policy: Make sure your links are linked. There was also some text that should be updated (I.e., look under behavioural advertising. It says “[[INCLUDE OPT-OUT LINKS FROM WHICHEVER SERVICES BEING USED]]” Just go over it and make sure there’s place holders like that.)
  • Refund Policy: Don’t forget to link your email address
  • Contact Us: Remove the phone number field as it’s known to cause a high rate of abandonment. People just don’t like giving their phone numbers. Secondly, make sure you have your email address available in there as well. Some people like to send an email directly. Third, while it’s great that you have this, don’t forget to use live chat. Live chat lets you engage with customers while they are still on your site. 


Navigation/Product Pages
I like that your main navigation is condensed, but I don’t think it’s in the right order.  Use heatmaps to see where people are clicking, even on the drop-down. You’ll be able to see where they are clicking to help you re-order it. I would suggest something like Home | Our Catalog | About the Brand | Contact Us. 


If you get a higher volume of mobile traffic, you’ll want that Contact Us to be on your main navigation. The About Us page could be rehomed just on the footer, but let your heatmaps show you more.


For the Our Catalog drop-down, is there a reason why you expanded on Accessories and Candles?  I would just take out those expanded sections unless heatmaps show they are getting decent traffic. 


Looking at collections themselves, clean up those filters and add some to help customers. For reference, I’m looking at Men’s Clothes. Right now, the filter looks like this: 


It’s not very helpful for customers. The only two things that may be interesting to me as a customer are Hoodies & Sweatshirts and sale. I would add options here for price, availability (since you have a lot of sold-out items), sale, size, color, type of clothing, etc. 


If you’re curious, watch session recordings, which act like a DVR for your website, to see how people are using your filters and searching for items. 


Moving into the product pages, I’m looking at the Plaid Track Pants - Red X Leather Patch. There are a few things I would change:

  • Add in a sizing chart. It’s absolutely critical to include measurements on here.
  • Add in a Buy Now button. The Add to Cart button is off-centered, so it’ll help balance it out. Plus it’s a popular method among Shopify users to boost sales. 
  • Reiterate the free shipping. The black banner at the top of your page doesn’t grab a visitor’s attention or keep a visitor’s  attention, so it’s easy for someone to forget about it. Get it up on the product pages.
  • Mention international shipping as well, even if it’s linking to your Shipping Policy. 
  • Boost that description. Above the fold, the description and one photo (more if I scroll) is the only thing to sell customers on buying these pants. Write a short description to entice people to buy it. 
  • Encourage reviews. Add in a review request in your purchase confirmation emails. Get those generated to build more confidence among your visitors.


For the bracelets, I ran into some questions. There were two bracelets with different messaging on them. I understood that these would be sold separately, but which message would be sent? If it’s only Self Love, then I would remove I Always Believe In You from the image. It’s too confusing for customers, and you don’t want customers to be confused. 


It’s also missing some pretty vital information, like how large it is and what the clasp looks like. Again, a better description would be helpful.


I love the work you’ve put into the store and can’t wait to see how it grows. Visitor behavior is going to make a world of difference in finding what your customers are doing and how they use your site. Sometimes we think they use it one way when they use it an entirely different way. Lucky Orange has heatmaps, session recordings, live chat and more with a free trial (no credit card needed) and plans that start at US $10/month.


I hope this helps. Good luck!




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