Looking for feedback on my shop, Vitamyr.com Vitamyr Natural Products

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We have had vitamyr.com since 1998. A few years ago we had some young kids convince us they could take Vitamyr to the next level. They moved to shopify a few weeks after "taking over" the website, then they disappeared. I am not saying it is bad to go to shopify but, for a couple of old seniors, it has taken a couple of years to figure everything out! We knew what we were doing in the old HTML days but, we knew one system and one system only! We are constantly working on the website and Facebook and our blog. Remember, when giving constructive criticism, what takes you an hour will probably take us a day! I find I Google almost every day! :-) I have common sense and I am not stupid but, I have not been in school for over 50 years! Thanks in advance! This is my 1st time on forum! Patrick Vitamyr Natural Products