Looking for feedback on my store BorderCollieDelight.com

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So I have a high bounce rate (96%), and most of my visits are under 3 seconds.  I've run several ads trying different things and have gotten a fair amount of visits to the site but I've only had one sale.   


What am I doing wrong?


Most visits are directly to the ladies tee because that's the product linked in the ad which has had a good following for my target audience (women in the USA over 50 who like border collies) but I can't seem to get them to buy or even add the product to the shopping cart.


My Facebook page is gaining followers steadily and some have even tagged or commented that they want or need the product. 


I just updated the design of the collection to a happier border collie, some rounder letters and some curve to the text at the suggestion of a few women I've talked to but it hasn't really made a difference.


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Hello. I took a look at your store you have a nice product selection but I believe you need a more custom theme to fit your brand. I would be happy to help you get your store to where you want it to be.

Hey AidanT,


After reviewing your website the font inconsistent stood out to me the most. Some text is hard to read like the menu links, while the title are bold and overtaking the user attention like return policy.

Overall I would say to make some minor tweaks your website and the U/I experience will Increase. 


I hope this feedback helps you.