Looking for feedback on my store!

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Hi, folks! 


I would love your constructive criticism of the store that I operate for a non-profit. 


Here is the link: https://national-desert-storm-war-memorial.myshopify.com/collections/frontpage


Thank you!! 

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Here are some ideas that should make an immediate impact on the quality / trustworthiness of your site:



A professional logo is essential for a professional business. Without a logo, your site looks like it's just a test site, and not a real brand.


If I know exactly what I want in a logo, I hire a designer. If I don't know what I want, and instead want input from multiple designers, I run a logo contest. Here's how I do that: speedboostr.com/logo-contest.



Email popups are good, low key slide ins are better. Either way, don't set it to pop up in the user's face immediately when they land on your page.


Think about it from a user's perspective: "Why would I give you my email when I don't know anything about your brand?"


Give them some time to get to know your store and products before asking them to give you their email.



Your branding is non-existent. If someone wants an unbranded experience it's easier for them to go to Amazon.


Here are some tips to improve your branding:

- Logo is essential

- Create some welcoming messaging on your home page so people that land can see what you're about (and why they should buy from you)

- Instead of just a site that sells products, sell an idea, build community

- Add a banner image on your home page that is welcoming and gives the feeling about what your brand is about, or what your customers will feel like when they use your products

- Create a good about page and link to it in the header (people click on About in the header a lot, I've tested this)


In summary, build a brand and connect with people that share the values of that brand



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Hi @JE20 


Its all about the experience on your website. If you haven't already built a connection with your community this is super important. Some great ways to do this is to have images of people smiling and using your products, awesome about page that builds a connection and some blog posts at least three. 


Here are some tips also 


Home Page: You really want to flow this well. 

  • Slideshow Image 
  • Collection List (top 3)
  • Popular Products (4-8)
  • Reviews 
  • Image With Text (little bit of your story with link to page)
  • Instagram Feed (If you have awesome images there)
  • Collection List (3-6)
  • Best Sellers (4-8) 


Theme: When you have a large quantity of products the theme is very important. I'd try one of these themes 

  • Sunrise (My old website had 8,000 products and when I was using this theme I did stacks of sales 
  • Avenue 

If you don't have a good budget for paid themes you could use the below free theme I reviewed also. 



Product Images: You really want them to be the same size to look "neat" on your website. Sunrise theme does this automatically for you also. 


Overall good start. Shopify is all a learning curve and I'm sure you will get there if you keep putting in the work. 



Clayton Bates 


@JoesIdeas  great idea about the logo also. 



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