Looking for feedback on our new store wanderertravelingboutique.com

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Hello Shopify Community,

We are new to this, beginning end of September. While we didn't have much of an ad budget for Black Friday/Cyber Monday, I am still pretty disappointed over the lack of sales. If you have some constructive input on our store, that would be so helpful. 



Wanderer Traveling Boutique


Thank you!


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Hey, @MMAEganWTB!


 First off, thanks for reaching out. At first glance, your store looks promising! One of the first things that stand out is your product imagery. You've done a great job showcasing your apparel through modeling them and setting a terrific vibe with your backdrops. With that said, there a couple of things you could improve on to give your store some character and life.


  • A logo! I can see here that your store lacks a logo. A logo acts as the face of your brand. It sets the tone for the type of customers you want to attract. I would suggest getting a professional logo done by a graphic designer. Our Shopify Experts Platform is a great resource to find one to hire! Otherwise, you can use our free logo generator tool, Hatchful to get one done in 5 minutes! The great thing is it requires no coding or design skills on your part. The tool will do all the work!


  •  Your menu. At first glance, I can see your menu looks like this. With that said, from a user experience standpoint, it's not very intuitive. You will want to create drop-downs and additional collections to categorize your products into collections. For example, you could break this down by adding in "Hats, Scarves, T-Shirt, Sweatshirt, Accessories" etc. collections. That way when a customer lands on the store looking for a hat, they can easily find it in your menu. Instead, they need to click on "Winter" and sift through the various products that don't interest them. Making your customer's shopping experience as seamless as possible is key. Having an organized menu will accomplish this. We have a guide here that shows you step-by-step how to create drop-down menus in your header.

Alternatively, you can install a Mega Menu app to your store, such as one called Buddha Mega Menu. I've used this menu personally on my own Shopify stores and it's a great app. They offer a free plan and it's going to give you more features to your menu. It's a great way to improve your engagement on your site with a menu that offers great visuals in an organized fashion.


Let me know if this helps! If there is anything else I can help you with, please let me know.


Dirk | Social Care @ Shopify 
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Thanks for this information! We have a logo (attached), as we already have
a physical boutique. The owner just didn't think it fit with the design,
but I'll give it a try adding it in.

As for the drop-down menu to delineate product types, there are only
women's tops for sale on the online store. The other accessories are
currently only available in our physical store. So, there is no need for
drop-downs at this point because the different categories are currently:
Women's Winter Collection Sweaters and Tops; Women's Plus Size, Vintage
Items and the Inspirational Tees Collection. What I mean is, within those
categories, there aren't currently secondary categories yet. i.e. in
Winter, there are no pants, accessories, hats, etc. - Just sweaters/tops.

I have been working on improving overall organic SEO performance. But at
this time, I don't have much of an advertising budget to work with. So, I'm
looking for ways to generate more traffic > conversions on a tight budget.
We have successfully executed some PR recently. We also have a healthy
Facebook and Instagram following. I have also been working to grow business
presence on Pinterest.

Thanks again for your input!

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Hey congratulations on opening such a great store, honestly I like it a lot, but I think there might be a couple things you could consider changing.

One thing to consider is adding reviews. If you add reviews it will help keep your customers on your site. If your customer needs to leave your site to do research on a product they might not come back, adding reviews can help with that.


Did you think about adding a sense of urgency. By using urgency, you can make your visitors feel like they are missing out unless they order immediately. The 'Fear of Missing Out' that they experience, will increase your ability to convert them into buyers. One app that can help you with that is https://apps.shopify.com/better-countdown . It really can make a big difference in getting your customers to buy from you


Did you think about adding a FAQ section. Customers often times will want a lot of information before they make a decision to purchase. Adding an FAQ section with information about things like shipping rates, returns, and anything else relevant can help your customer more easily make a decision to purchase


Did you think about adding a blog. A blog could be used to drive more traffic to your store, and you could also use it to recommend potential products that your customer could buy.


But seriously your store is actually really great, and I think just a few minor tweaks could really go a long way.

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