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Our site is www.treehausla.com

We did a lot of work on our online store lately and we are looking for some feedback.  Also, one area where we are looking for help is making sure all our apps and social media are hooked up properly, making sure we are getting the most out of those apps, etc.


Thanks in advance.






Hi @treehaus-boutiq,

I'm Richard - CRO expert from PageFly Landing Page Builder

Congrats on the launch of your store! I've had a look at your store and overall it looks fantastic. I'd like to give some comments on your collection page to make the website even greater.

1. Use 'Load More' Loading Schema

I can see from your store that you are using the Endless Scrolling loading schema. However, this schema has some problems such as:

- Footers being virtually unreachable on product lists

- Users’ tendency to fall into a “mindless scanning” behavior as they scroll long lists of products

- Users being overwhelmed by the number of products being automatically added to the list

I suggest you to use the 'Load More' schema which can avoid all these downsides of Endless Scrolling.

A fact to back up this recommendation is that during testing, subjects generally browsed more products on sites with a “Load More” button than those with “Pagination” (a schema where products are divided into pages), but because loading additional products still required a proactive choice and a click or tap, the subjects tended to examine the visible items much more closely than on sites with “Endless Scrolling”

An example of the 'Load More' button:





2. Adding a 'Sticky Header' or a Back-to-Top Button

After scrolling and making the collection get long, customers might want to take an instant leap to go back to the top or a header that is already there to navigate to other pages. As in your case, I suggest you should add a 'Sticky Header' since your navigation is quite small and hard to find so a Back-to-Top button might not be enough





3. Use Swatches to Indicate Color Variations

Your store is in the fashion industry and that makes it even more important for you to provide add much aesthetical information about your products as possible. This includes color swatches. 

I think you should add it to the collection page for each product, maybe right underneath the product image or at the very bottom under the price. Another point is that when all color swatches don’t fit on one or two lines within list items, the number of other colors available should be clearly shown as number (e.g., “+8”), giving users a good idea of the extent of the variations available.



 One example for you to refer:




4. Adding 'Ratings'

People tend to believe their fellow customers than what the brand says so it is of importance to add 'ratings' to collection pages, in turn, increases the trust and credibility for your products.  I see that you have that feature on the product page however the collection page needs it as well to show an overview of how loved your products are.

5. Adding 'Shipping Policy' to Footer

One thing to note is that besides the Return Policy, the Shipping Policy is also a thing that people care about when buying products and look up when navigating the website. Make sure to add it in the Footer - where people always expect it to locate



That's all I have to say. Overall, I love your store design or the way you add the secondary hover image for each product. I hope this comment makes your store even more awesome. If you want to improve more this article might help

If you find my comments useful to you, you can like or mark it as a solution. Have a nice day and stay safe!


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Dear @treehaus-boutiq,

I think you should improve your product's image. Some of them don't have the same size and they are a little burry. You should replace them with crisp ones.

Secondly, your images in product pages and category pages seem not consistent. They don't have the same color of background, which is noticable and could leave an unprofessional impression to new customers.

Finally, I see that you have many products discounted and that is such a selling point. Instead of just a red box under the image, you should add a sticker or label in the top right corner of the image with discount percentages. You also should use some distinct labels to mark Hot-pick or New product.

If you're looking for a solution, then our Product Labels Pro app could be useful for you.

Hope this helps!

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