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Hey, to be honest, I think your store looks pretty good already. 


Maybe focusing on other areas like marketing would bring better ROI?

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Hey, you have a great store. Looks like you have put a lot of effort. Add web push notifications which will help you to bring back visitors who bounced from your site and convert them into paying customers. Even more astounding, this can increase customer retention by 7x times. This will clearly impact your retention.


Add reviews and Q&A to establish authority and influence visitors with user-generated content. Turn your customer content into sales by collecting and leveraging reviews, ratings, and Q&A. Collect reviews and display them.


By making customers your priority, you can build a program that anticipates and exceeds their needs as soon as they join. By simply rewarding customers with discounts that shoppers will become more loyal to their business is entirely the wrong approach and will lead to customers walking away from your business. Instead, the focus should be on creating an emotional connection between your brand and your customers. Building this connection makes it more likely that they will visit your store again in the future. A great way to show your customers that you care is by offering birthday rewards. Make sure that they feel special and recognized for their membership. There are different ways you can use the loyalty and reward program. I would say It is a must to have.
You can try using Aitrillion.com. It has features like loyalty and reward points, web push notifications, reviews, chatbot, email marketing, AI predictions and custom audience created by Ai Engine with marketing dashboard for CEOs and Managers. It has an integrated customer timeline for better sales understanding across channels. It's the only app on the Shopify app store which enables the customer to trigger email automation on the customer "just seen" feature. On top of it, you don't need to install multiple apps. You will get everything in just one app which makes the store's speed optimized and it is a fully integrated app. It has many other features that are useful for e-commerce stores which help in increasing engagement and sales. You can check it.


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