Looking for help on building my site

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I have a graphic T and ebook website , but I havent been able to make any sells.  Im looking for some constructive feedback and/or help.  My site is www.paperxpencil.com



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Hey awesome job on launching your store taking a quick look at it, it looks actually really good I like the style that you have.

First of all I noticed that you don't have a fav icon really consider adding one so that you can start building a true brand you don't want somebody to open a new tab and then not be able to easily find your sites because of the lack of a favicon.

also it's not entirely clear to me that you are selling T-shirts in your store your store name is paper x pencil so when I first actually went to your store I thought that you were selling papers and pencils but then I realized you were selling T-shirts. I think that you should make a title to reflect that you are selling T-shirts.

Also your contact information isn't available on every page try putting your contact information like email and phone number on the footer of every page it will go a long way of helping to build trust with your customer.

Also there isn't any sizing information for your shirts I don't actually know what a medium versus a large will be so it would be nice if you put some sizing information on the product page.

Also on the product Page buy button isn't always visible. The buy button is the most important button on your page and should always be within a thumbs reach. Take a look at the screenshot below and notice how many buttons your user could click on. But also none of them are buy buttons. I create an app that can help you with that. https://apps.shopify.com/better-sticky-checkout-button-increase-your-sales

one more thing I think you want to consider is to add a return policy to your store probably wouldn't buy from you until I found out how I would be able to return items to your store.

But overall your sites actually looking really good I think was just a little bit of tweaking you're really going to be successful on Shopify.

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I had look into your store, its looking awesome.
I have observed some points on store, I hope this helpful for you.
You have same content on about page and contact us page, contact us page used to allow the visitor to contact you. It contains a mail to link to an e-mail address or form. So, I suggest you can differentiate both pages.
And I suggest You can add return-policy in home page, it helps for you and your customers easily trust your store.
And you can promote your items on Facebook page regularly, it helps to increase the conversion rate of your store.


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Hey there,

When it comes to sales, you are going to get out of it what you put in. Yes you can fix a couple of things on your site like the favicon, contact us page etc, etc. You could have the most perfect site in the world and still not get sales.

You cannot sell a secret.

It all comes back to the marketing, how are people finding out about your site? If you t-shirts are good quality and the designs are awesome, people will buy them. Give some away to people who will wear them. Message people of instagram and ask them to wear them and post about them. 

Dont just expect your store to sell without you doing anything. 

Good luck! Send me an email if you want anymore marketing help!

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Awesome feedback!  I will definitely make these changes to the store.  As far as marketing, Im in the process of finding my target market on Facebook/Instagram.  especially influencers that I can send stuff to.  All constructive criticism!

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