Looking for self-built Shopify stores to feature in a book

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I'm an author currently writing a (print) book on how ordinary people can build their own website.  This book is due out next spring and will be published in the UK and the US by Ilex/Octopus.  (You can see my other titles below - they're all available on Amazon).

I'm planning on featuring a selection of beautiful looking websites in the book that have been built entirely by people who aren't web designers.

If you have a gorgeous-looking webstore that you built yourself on Shopify using one of their templates, I would love to hear from you!  I'd ask you a few questions and publish a screenshot, together with a few of your insights and tips on building your own website.  Of course you'll be credited as the creator of the website.

By the way, getting your logo done professionally doesn't count.  Or getting lovely graphics done by an outside designer - that's perfectly ok too.  It's just the website part - you have to have done that yourself, even if you've had graphic design or professional photography done by someone else.

Of course, there are many webstores talked about on this forum - but it's sometimes hard to know which have been built by the owners and which have been created by a designer.

If this could interest you - please get back to me leaving your URL below and me (and my editor, who actually has the last say) will have a look.

Many thanks and look forward to seeing your beautiful self-built webstore.

Alannah Moore (author)

Alannah Moore

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www.discovergrandprix.com ;

We sell Formula 1 travel and hospitality. I have built this website based on the free 'supply' theme which shopify offers. Obvioulsy, it is massively different now. I have built this up over the last couple of months through trial and error and self taught web dev skills. 

Email me at jm @ discovergrandprix.com 


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This sounds great. Would love more information.  My website is www.justjewelry4life.com



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I built my website (indiebags.net) 100% by myself and still making little changes with the help of shopify support. But i am not proud of the site because i have not yet made a sale, lol.
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Hi there !

what a lovely idea, would love for you to check out my site which is www.poppyscrafts.co.uk and was also built myself :)