Looking for some feedback on my new online store - OnTheGo-Gaming

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hi everyone,

Looking for some feedback on my new store that sells gaming accessories - www.onthego-gaming.com.au

I created my own logo on Canvas.com with the colour scheme of red and blue which was inspired by the Nintendo Switch Joy-con controllers. I also used this throughout my website in contrast with a black background. 

I have started this store out for a couple of months (only went live for about 2-3 weeks now) with a niche of selling gaming accessories particularly in the area of mobile gaming. But as I have been working on my store, i gradually pivoted out to a bit more than mobile gaming and towards other accessories for console as well.

I am a bit concerned with the products or collections I have currently - not too sure if theres too much or not enough of it? 

I have also done some keyword research to improve SEO as well, including keywords for product descriptions, titles, url, alt text etc. I have also tried to doing a bit on internal linking with my collections. I have set up Google Analytics and Search Console but so far, its been slow with getting crawled and index. I also want to do some blogging to do more internal linking but also want to try external linking as well. Is external linking a good idea? I'm open to other suggestions as well. 

I have also set up Facebook and Instagram accounts too and linked to the store. The are both linked together as well. I've set up Facebook store and link the shopify store to it but have yet to manage it properly. I have also switched Instagram to Business and have started to post a few of my products on there to drive a bit of traffic which it has, but not as much as I'd hope, plus no sales. There are currently a total of 162 sessions so far. 

I know i feel like my store has a lot to improve on but unsure of what or where to begin. 

Please feel free to check out my website and provide any feedback good or bad, that would be much appreciated. Thank you and sorry for the long post!






Hello Tranzverz, 

After spending a few minutes on your Shopify store, I may have some feedback to share with you:

1. About the theme:

About the look of the website, the red and blue colors of the Nintendo Switch Joy-con look nice. However, the red font probably won't go well with the black background. This color combination can make customers uncomfortable reading the text on your page. When used on a black background, almost any text color is challenging to read for the user, Especially sites like Refund Policy, Privacy Policy, and Terms of Service of your store.

Furthermore, most of your store's product photos have a white background, so I suggest you change your store's background color to white.

I will have some examples here:

Home page:





Product page:


Gaming Glasses collection page:


Refund policies page:





2. Banner:

This banner is the first thing your customers see when they visit your site. So, you better add some interesting information about your product or store to have customers' attention. Also, you should add at least one or two CTA buttons here.


3. Product page:

In terms of product photos, your products have lots of pictures with full details. However, it would be best if you had some on-hands images of the products, thereby increasing your store's credibility with the customer.

Specific shipping times for products is a must-have; I don't see this information on your page yet. Customers will ignore your products if you do not mention this information on the product page.

4. SEO

Blogging is a great way to improve SEO. I see your store selling video game products and accessories. So you can write blogs that share information about new game products, consoles, or experiences with using them. External linking is an excellent way for SEO. Search engines will rate your website better, your content will be more trustworthy, and you can connect your site to other websites. Moreover, the external link does not affect the ranking of your page.

I hope that those feedback can help you improve your store.


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Thanks Richard,

I have since made some changes to my store now as per your suggestions. I also create my first blog too, however a bit unsure of where to place that blog post on my homepage. I have just added it towards the footer of my homepage. 

As for the more hands-on product images, they are a bit harder to come because I've built my ecommerce store around dropshipping, and my supplier can only prowith what they can with regard to images.

With my product listing, in relation to my niche (gaming accessories), do you recommend having more listed?

Also if you could check our my website again to see if theres anything else i can improve on, thanks