Looking for some feedback on my store.

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I took over as the owner in December of 2018, and made some significant changes. Looking for some honest feedback! :-)


Thank you in advance,






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Remove the subscribe to our mailing list pop down from the top. It covers the menu buttons entirely on mobile.

Remove the dynamic checkout buttons from your product page

Make the add to cart button bright so it stands out.

Why would you make people click view cart? You should immediately take them to cart when they add an item.

Remove all the payments buttons from your cart besides the checkout button and make the checkout button way bigger.

I would hire someone on upwork or fiverr to give you further optimization help.
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I just had look into your website. It's looking great!!
You have more space on header section I mean header section is large you can decrease then it looks more great. And you can differentiate the cart page check this image https://snag.gy/dR8iP7.jpg.


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Hi Patty,


Your store and products are looking real awesome!


The only thing is homepage extra space around menu bar, you may like to revise this section and make it something like this.  I have to say that picture i have selected  as a banner is not a complete match but something like this may add more value to your store. And slightly re-arranging entire menu.


Screenshot 2019-02-08 at 1.14.11 PM.png

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I have tried to add images to my home page to try and shorten the header area... however when I do it literally does nothing to that space. What am I doing wrong?