Looking for some final feedback before launching

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Hi, im about to launch my store, and I would love some final feedback before that. I know I miss the about us page but I would add it later. thanks

https://manawa-co.myshopify.com/ password: 12345

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Hi there!


Welcome to the Shopify family!


Here is my feedback on your store:


  • I noticed that you do have accounts on the most popular social networks. Good, that is a must! I would suggest you to be constantly active in them, promoting your products and your brand.
  • Regarding the social links in your footer, you should make sure that they open in a separate tab upon clicking. This way your customers will still be able to check the respective page and keep your website open at the same time.
  • Add to cart button - It is not visible enough. Try changing the font or the background of it. It should be a button that your customers can easily see. Right now this is not the case.
  • I would advise you to look around for some apps that can improve your sales in the Shopify app store - https://apps.shopify.com. For example, this one - http://discountonleave.apps.isenselabs.com/  will help you recover some of your leaving customers with a discount to exit intent. It offers ready-to-use templates, and also it has a 30-day free trial.
  • Try adding a bit more description to your products. It will help you text-to-code ratio on your pages, which will then help you for better SEO.
  • You should also add a contact us page, which the customers can use to get in touch with you. Also, this will help you create a more personal relationship with them.


I hope I helped!

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This is an accepted solution.

Hello i have take a look at your store and i would love to give you some feedback to improve it and make it more attractive and professional. Let me introduce myself first , My name is Sam Jacobs i do live in France , Lyon , im an expert shopify store designer i have been in this domain for 5 years now ! I know what works and make you $$ and what make your store look newbie and scammy ! I have designed over 120 stores and most of them are sucessfull thanks to the idea behind it , the good product quality and the professional store design. I really do like the idea behind your store and the products too it has good potential to make good sales. But you need to make some changes to make your store look professional and attractive before launching it. You have to focus more on branding your store and making it looks like a real brand , Talk more about your brand in the home page  and provide more informations about it , Add About us page too so your clients can know more about your brand and also Contact us page.Remove ''es.shopify.com'' from the footer, You have to add more socail proof to your store You can see in the picture below the social proof included in the store , how many people are watching the products , trust badges , someone just bought an item etc..... Those features will boost your converstion rate alot and help you to make alot of returning customers . I hope this helped you