Looking for some general feedback/critique on my website - totally new to the process

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I am trying to get my website/business ready to launch soon (even though it's technically live, i haven't really actively advertised yet). But I feel like I have so much work left to do on it....I would love some feedback on what can/should be improved.


Note: not all of my pages are done yet, but i'm hoping the general point of each page/set up will come through regardless. 


Thanks in advance!!


Website is www.thecornershop.co


Hi Jane,

The pop-up will not do you any good. It doesn't promise any real benefit to the visitors so it might just put them off and drive them away. You either need to offer some immediate benefit (e.g. 10% discount on your first purchase, etc) or remove it altogether.

I suggest you get a professional logo done. You can get a good one for a good price from fiverr.com or 99designs.com.

Lookbook, Featured and Price links on the homepage do not work, but I'm assuming you're still working on those.

I'm afraid your images for jackets need some improvement. Check out this blog post on how to photograph clothing for your store.

I suggest you publish at least one blog post before you launch your site. And make sure you regularly publish blog posts.

Your About page needs work, but I'm also assuming you're still working on that.

There's a rogue code on the Lifestyle page that needs fixing.

The Facebook banner/link on the homepage doesn't work. Also, your Facebook page is private. You need to make it public.

Finally, check out this store launch checklist from Shopify.

Best of luck,

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Thanks J-za!! A lot of what you mentioned is still an on-going process, but I definitely didn't realize FB's not working and the pop-up was supposed to be disabled!! Thanks for the feedback.