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Hey everyone! I've got a new apparel and accessory store I'm building that I think might be ready for the bigtime (major social media push!). It definitely leans away from current themes in fashion and is geared towards the young and "nerdy" (meme and gaming culture). Anyway, this store was built in 60(ish) days in the Dropified 60 Day Challenge. I come into this without much experience in running an online store, so any advice you can give, I'd be grateful!


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Hey, Casey!


Jason here from Shopify Support.


I love your concept, especially your blog. You've got great posts and copywriting skills. Kudos for having unique copywriting for each product! It's easy to see the effort you've put into the store. Wishing you win the 60-day challenge! Here're some of my suggestions that can help you to improve the user experience prior to your major social media push.


  1. For the main menu, you demonstrate great organization skills. The collections are sorted out well. I encourage you to update the names. Since it's an online store, there's no need to add "Shop" on all the tabs. Rather, we can keep them clean to what the tabs are. Since you're really strong on branding, I challenge you to come up with a unique brand related name for "Shop by Types". It's a perfect place for you to echo with your audience while lure them to click into the tab and check out your fun collections.
  2. For the homepage, the flow is interesting and a little unconventional. I can't tell if you've done it with intention or not. Remember when the visitors visit your store, they land on this image.
    Don't waste any real estate that can capture their attention! The image you've created for Hibernatey speaks really well with your target audience, I recommend you move the two sections to the top as your feature collection.
    The Shop everything a royal needs and the feature collection can move downwards.
    This update will help you capture your visitors' interests and ensure they stay on the page and scroll down to other great content.
  3. For your well-written product pages, I suggest you remove the trust badges at the end.
    I know there're experts who have a different point of view. That being said, imagine you're shopping at most of the major online stores, do you recall seeing any trust badges on the product pages? With the way you've built your store, it shows that you're a professional store owner. When you have trust badges on the product pages, it actually makes the visitors wonder if they can trust your store. If there's no issue with the checkout page, why are there so many trust badges? It's similar to the idea of shopping at the infomercial and seeing the money back guarantee. When you see too much of it, you start doubting what's the catch. That's what we want to prevent your shoppers to think. A better place for the trust badges is at the footer where you've indicated which payments you're accepting (logically, where you can utilize the trust badges). Keep in mind to keep the badges simple and professional.
  4. When I checked the Instagram icon, it led to an error page.
    Don't forget to double check the link and make sure that the spelling is correct or the link is viable. This is especially important if you're starting to launch a major social media push.

Overall, it's a great store. I love the way you describe your products and your blogs. Since you write so well, I recommend you to put the blog as one of the tabs on the main menu. With your copywriting, I have no doubt you'll be able to engage with your visitors. The more engagement and the more often you update your blog, it'll help you with your store's search engine optimization (SEO). To ensure you get the result effectively, don't forget to verify your domain with third-party services and submit your sitemap to Google.


Let's move to your digital marketing plan! Since you've mentioned that you're planning a major social media push, I'd love to know what you've planned. Depending on what you've planned, we can discuss further and help you run the campaigns more effectively and help you drive traffic together!


I hope this information helps, however, should you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reply back here and I'd be happy to help out!


All the best,

Jason | Social Care @ Shopify
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