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Hello @Growave First, THANK YOU so much for taking the time to review my store, I appreciate your time and suggestions. I agree with you that mobile speed can be improve and I will read in detail all of your recommendations so I can find ways to implement these; especially finding a way to improve CRO. I launched the store at the end of the summer 2019 and until March of 2020 it was doing pretty well. Unfortunately; Covid-19 is not helping at all because soccer stopped. I have to look at the bright side and while Covid still lingers around, I am taking this time to make improvements and CRO is definitely one. I am also going to perform some research to find apps that can assist with Wishlist and a way to log in easy; with just one click. Thank you, these are great recommendations.

I will be visiting your website soon and I will look into your services. I am hoping Spring 2021 things will turn around and activity will pick-up so we can find ways to work together.

Best regards, Soccer Paradise