Looking for website feedback and marketing tips

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Hey everyone, I recently started up my own clothing brand and I'm looking for some feedback on the website and to see if anything needs to be added. I am also looking for marketing tips to help me promote the business.

Kind regards

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Hey, how's your email campaign doing? Is it getting the results you want?

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The only criticism I have is that the photos look pixalated, maybe have them smaller? otherwise its good. 

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Hi Tom,

Your store looks good. A few, miscellaneous suggestions:

  • SEO provides a great opportunity for natural (free) traffic, and so think about things like blog content that you can add to your site. Also, ensure that the title tags (i.e. the page titles that you see on the tabs at the top of the browser) describe (to google and other search engines) what the page is about. Speaking of which, the homepage title tag has a spelling error (clothing is spelt incorrectly).
  • Building trust will increase conversions, and therefore try to focus on things that will help this. For example...
  • Reviews - if you have any from early customers, these will help.
  • About us page - rather than below your header / home page image, perhaps have this as a separate page, and tell people more about yourself or your brand.
  • FAQs - This could help assure people how long it will be before they receive their goods etc.
  • Refunds page seems to be copied from another source, and refers to perishable goods.

Really nice, clean design to the site, which is great, and all the best with it.


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Hi Tom,

Your store looks good overall. Here are a few things you might want to consider-

-'About Us' need not be part of the home page. 

-I got a pop-up asking me to subscribe in a few seconds. You might want to time it better, as users would not be willing to give out their email address without knowing the products in your store. 

- You could provide contact information (phone number and email) in the footer. 

- Add reviews with photographs

Just curious, have you tried web push notifications for marketing? If not, you should definitely give it a spin. It helps engage, retarget and drive conversions. 

Give Facebook and Instagram ads a try as well, if you haven't already.