Lots of ATC no checkouts

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Hi all, I'd like to have some opinions and/or technical suggestions.


We have a store getting traffic from FB ads (optimised for ATC conversion). The traffic is pretty good (around 300 People per day) and also the add to cart rate is great (around 9-10% so roughly 30 add to cart per day). 

Now the strange thing is that very few people (maybe 2-3) initiate the checkout and no sales at all (at least for the last couple of days). The thing is that using lucky orange, I can see at least 10 sessions where the user clicks on the checkout button (and after that I can't see, because of the shopify privacy that doesn't let the checkout process to be recorded), but it doesn't even get notified by the shopify analytics. 


My guess is that there could be a problem with the checkout page, but I tried with my devices and it looks fine.

It could be an android issue, as most of the add to cart are from android. Do you have any suggestion on how to improve the conversion rate? 


This is one of the product pages of our website:  https://mycactus.life/products/killer-cactus-lamp


Thank you very much,


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I think I figured it out what is going on, from FB analytics it looks like 90% of that traffic comes from a 55+ audience.

I'm not sure but maybe older people have a different purchase behaviour? Could it be that they add to cart even if not really interested into going down into the funnel?



I have visited your product page. Overall, I think it is professional and pretty! You put a lot of efforts on building it, right?

I totally agree with you that your Facebook traffic may be a reason for your low conversion rate. Below are my suggestions for you :)

1.  Defind your target customers

- You should make sure that your Facebook ads is targeting the right people. In your case, are 55+ people your potential customers? If not, they can easily and quickly leave your website because they can not find the products as they want. 

2. Offer store pickup option

- It is great that your store is offering Free Worldwide Shipping. However, this free shipping may not is always effective. For example, the older people may not want to wait for some days to get their items. So, it is time for you to think about store pickup option which allows you to blend the online and in-store experience to engage with customers while offering a more convenient way to shop. 

With Store Pickup, the delivery process is removed, and customers can personally visit the store to pickup their orders. You can read the checklist to know that whether your online store need the store pickup or not!


I hope that these above suggesstions are helpful for you! <3





Want to know more about store pickup or not sure if store pickup is necessary for your Shopify store? Just simply get the checklist and find your own answer!