Lots of Add to cart and Checkouts, almost no sales

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In my new store, Little Giggle Store, I already had around 100 add to cart events, 30-40 initiate checkout events, but only 4 sales so far.

What might be the reason making users add to cart but not initiate checkout, and finally -  why they don't finish purchase even when they start the checkout process?

Thank you for any feedback!

The landing page of my customers: https://littlegigglestore.com/products/integrated-fetal-doppler


Kind regards,

Jakub from Little Giggle

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Hi there Jakub,

Nice work there - your store seems amazing! First of all the MailChimp pop up, you are using doesn't seem pretty at all - I would use another app for that.

Since you are giving discounts to some products, you could use a countdown app, in order to push visitors to buy faster.

For the abandoned carts check out Flashchat app.

Good luck!

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Hi, Jakub!

Katy here from Shopify- just chiming in!

To echo what Mario has said, great work on your site so far.  Securing those first couple of sales can often be one of the most difficult hurdles to overcome so well done on that. 

It's great to see that you have been checking on your Shopify analytics. This offers great insight into where your customers are coming from, what they are showing interest in and adding to cart. It allows you to see if your own marketing is working as intended, and helps you when adjusting your strategy. We have some more info to help you with this in our blog here too. 

Another great place to gain insight is via your abandoned checkouts as Mario mentioned too. While apps can really help, from a technical stand point what I suggest is to place a test order based on the customer's order details here - if available, and see if this takes you to checkout, smoothly without any interruption. 

I love that you have social reviews on your store. This adds an element of social proof to your brand, allows customers to engage with you and builds on your trust with potential customers. Studies have shown that in cases 90% of customers read reviews before committing to making a purchase. Some interseting insights on this here.

One thing I have noticed however is that the link to your Instagram page is not set up correctly.
In an era where social media and influence holds quite a lot of weight, this could be a potential red flag deterring some of your custom. I suggest to either set this up correctly, or to remove it entirely until you are ready to do so. 

Another great way to interact with your customers, as well as generating custom content for your store is via a blog. This allows you to paint a picture for your brand, your mission and lets your customer see what sets you apart from the rest. There is some more info to help with this here and also here too.  

In terms of the sales that you have already made, have you been using certain marketing techniques? What have you tried so far? Apps such as Kit can help you to manage your paid advertising for free. This allows you to build up and manage your audiences, create targeting campaigns and more. If you have not come across this already, it is a great one to check out, particularly if you are already using Facebook ads. 

Building on this, for those who have visited your site, but have not yet purchased, Facebook retargeting ads can really help. These retargeting ads are going to target people who have come to your site, but have not made a purchase. They give you the unique opportunity to set something up to entice potential customers to actually come back to your store. There is a great guide here on how retargeting ads work and how to lay out your own strategy. 

It's clear- from your site and also your initial sales that you have decided on your niche market and the locations that you are mostly targeting. Adding more about our brand's story, your value proposition to your customers and building on your marketing techniques should hopefully help you to see more sales coming through. 

Do of course feel free to let me know if you have any questions at all at any stage.



Katy | Social Care @ Shopify
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