Lots of Traffic Minimal Sales- Store Review & Advice would be Appreciated

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Hi, I opened a new Shopify store one month ago. My store is targeted to a distinct audience, Canadians living in Northern locations. I am active on Facebook and learning about Instagram. I have had a lot of traffic (1800) and a fair amount of add to carts but have only made $1400 in Sales to 9 customers. Any advice on how to turn visits into more sales would be greatly appreciated.  The Canada post strike may have caused some customers to decide not to purchase? Below is a link to my site any feedback on problems with my site would be greatly appreciated.



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Shopify Staff
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Hi, there. 

Morgan here from the Social Care team at Shopify. 

Thanks for reaching out on the forums for some insight! Your store is looking really great and professional. There's just a few things to consider when growing your brand I wanted to bring up! 

One thing on your site I did notice that could use improvement are your product descriptions. Although specific product details like size and materials are important, it is also important to use the product description to really sell your customers on the items. Telling a story that paints a picture, or entices them to buy will really help convert an "on the fence" customer. Here's an example of a product description on your store I think could use some work:

I'd remove the information that doesn't mean much to a consumer, and add some on brand chatter about your product description. This blog post is really helpful to give you ideas on how to write descriptions that sell. 

Great work starting up your social media accounts. Instagram can be a hard platform to get momentum on, with so many different brands and content competition out there. Consistency is key! We have a really great Instagram course in our Shopify Academy if you wanted to take your Instagram to the next level! Also, if you are looking to market via social media a bit more, here's a collection of really great guides that helped me when I got started.

You mentioned you've seen around 1800 visitors in the past month, that's really good for a first month of traffic! Are your visitors coming from paid ads? If so, what kind of ads are you running?

With a general type store it may be hard to target a certain demographic for your campaigns. This may be the reason for a lower conversion rate. Have you considered focussing on a more niche product base? I understand your current target market is a specific geographical location, but you may want to also consider factors like age, hobbies, and professions to ensure you are receiving viewers who are interested in the products you sell. 

If you are wanting to use a more general initial marketing campaign I recommend putting some of your budget aside for a retargeting campaign. This will help capture those interested visitors and turn them into customers while leaving behind the not so interested viewers. Here's a bit more on retargeting if you'd like to read a bit more on that. 

I'd love to hear a bit more about your marketing tactics so far, in order to help adjust for future success! 

Chat soon, 

Morgan | Social Care @ Shopify
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